Message from the President

Dr. Ma. Leonora V. De JesusPAMANTASAN AND GPPB:
A Partnership Chiseled in Trust and a Desire to Serve

It has been said, on countless occasions, that the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila has been a favored refuge for many of Manila's economically-challenged but brilliant tertiary students.

Here is a state university, primarily funded by the hard-earned money of Manilenyos for the last half century, whose graduates top many of the licensure examinations and are preferred by employers for their industriousness, humility, ethicality and integrity.

Its main objective – to liberate its host city's underserved communities from abject poverty through the emancipating power of good education and inculcation of good values.

This is why the PLM is sometimes referred to as the Pamantasan ng Lahing Marangal. A place where one never stops to aspire in improving one's station and character, using the indomitable human spirit as backbone.

Partnerships rooted in public service are not unusual to this 50 year-old institution of higher learning. For so many years the PLM has remained true to the adage: 'At the Pamantasan, the student is important, motivated and valued.' This is where his consciousness is molded, his smarts sharpened and his horizons broadened on Dr. Jose Rizal's assertion that the youth is the hope of the motherland: 'Ang Kabataan ang Siyang Pag-asa ng Bayan.' But here at the Pamantasan we strive to achieve even more: 'Ang maghubog ng kabataang may angking kamalayan, wasto ang pagpupunyagi, at malinaw ang pananaw.'

Today, I am one with you in celebrating a unique affirmation of these values we inculcate in our students. We are honoured to have in our midst one of our kind. A true public servant who epitomizes honest service and accountability: Honorable DBM Secretary Benjamin E. Diokno whose hard-working team - the GPPB or the Government Procurement Policy Board through its Technical Support Office (GPPB –TSO) which he chairs – serves to professionalize procurement officers and employees not only in government but also those in the private sector who participate in procurement activities by the government.

To strengthen the capacity building and development of the parties involved in the procurement process, the GPPB through the GPPB-TSO, has chosen PLM to conduct its Certified Public Procurement Specialist Course with three proposed levels and modules – basic, intermediate and advanced – and a required minimum of 20 enrolees per course.

For the initial two-year run of the program, the GPPB through the GPPB-TSO, shall choose one procurement practitioner to participate free of charge for every ten enrolees in the certificate programs.

The Memorandum of Agreement to affirm the commitment of the PLM and GPPB to create this milestone in education and government procurement, will be signed by both parties shortly.

The positive impact of this partnership will not only redound to the better interest of protecting public money, but to the complex transformation of a culture Filipinos would like to bring back strongly: public accountability.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Opening Remarks on the signing of the memorandum of agreement with the GPPB, led by Hon. Ernesto Diokno, Jr., Secretary, Department of Budget and Management, held at the PRMEC, PLM campus.]


Christmas glistens as our cherished time for merriment with those dearest to our hearts. This Miracle -- of unconditional love and supreme sacrifice exemplified more than two (2) millennia ago -- continues to burn inside to relive the joy of the Season.

Just as the story of this divine Miracle has started with the Nativity, that of PLM's began with its foundation. Both "births" were charted out by God's powerful hands to shape a wonderful destiny for His people across the lands and in this part of the world.

As it commemorates its Golden anniversary, PLM remains steadfast to its commitment to social transformation. The gift of enlightenment that shimmers in gold and wrapped in precious treasures -- typified by the Wise Men and their gifts -- is the pinnacle of PLM's worth in molding the minds and shaping the hearts of the youth in the Capital City.

Just as the bright star over the vast horizon in the first Christmas, this is the lodestar that securely guides PLM through the decades as it reaches for the one true source of wisdom expected to illumine the world spawned by darkness.

In the coming year and beyond, the shining glory of excellence will characterize most of the innovations we shall mutually achieve and work for. Through our synergy of efforts, we shall open a new kind of gate or door for our scholars -- or pantas -- who shall carry the light of wisdom back to their communities and towards global inroads.

This holiday season, may the innate bond of humanity among us bring more goodwill and harmony, especially in areas constantly plagued by strife and discord.

As the President of the University, allow me to lead in sharing the holiday wishes and greetings of PLM! Merry Christmas, one and all!

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Christmas 2016 Message of the University President, 2016 December 23.]


The year that just ended – my first full calendar year as President – was truly a memorable period for our university. Not only did we reach PLM's 50th anniversary in 2015, we celebrated this golden milestone in a most fitting manner by living up to the proud legacy of this institution. Last year, we were able to extend to our students more benefits but, even more important, we continued to provide them with the high quality education that PLM has been known for.

Last year, of course, also had its fair share of difficulties. However, the rewards it brought, particularly the many honors our students garnered in academics, co-curricular activities and, especially, in national licensure examinations in 2015, far outweighed the challenges and made all the efforts we exerted to hurdle them worthwhile.

All these became possible because of the hard work, dedication and support of the entire PLM community. And, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, university officials, faculty, non-academic personnel and even our alumni for making 2015 so memorable.

Last year's achievements have also further strengthened my belief that, by working together, we can continue to make PLM even better, that we can turn it into an institution that can accomplish its mission of providing quality education to underprivileged but talented young men and women of Manila even more effectively, that we can nurture and, perhaps, even hasten its growth as the premier university of our city.

Thus, as we celebrate the start of a new year, I would like to invite all the members of the PLM community to once again come together as one family and work with us to make 2016 another banner year for our beloved Pamantasan. Happy New Year to everyone!

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[New Year 2016 Message of the University President, 2016 January 01.]


Christmas is traditionally the time for gift-giving. But as I was drawing up my Christmas list, I looked back at this year that is about to close and realized that the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila has certainly been very blessed because it has been showered by gifts all yearlong by so many people.

• By the Government of the City of Manila, headed by Mayor Joseph E. Estrada, whose continuing and unwavering support for PLM empowers us to carry on with our mission of providing quality education to the underprivileged but talented high school graduates of the city;

• By our faculty whose unswerving dedication to the noble profession of teaching enables PLM to produce quality college graduates who, armed with the knowledge and values they learned, go on to become upright and productive citizens of our city and country;

• By our non-academic personnel whose tireless efforts allow us not only to maintain the high standards that PLM is known for but also to pursue the many programs we have laid out to make it an even better institution of higher learning;

• By our students whose excellent performance in academics, co-curricular activities, and especially in national licensure examinations continues to bring honor to PLM and further cements its ranking among the country's top universities;

• By our alumni whose unceasing devotion to and support for their Alma Mater make the challenging task of continuing PLM's proud legacy a little easier and inspire all of us to work even harder; and finally

• By our friends and benefactors whose generous assistance and firm belief in PLM's mission bolster our efforts and strengthen our resolve to continue on the road to excellence and make the Pamantasan an institution worthy of their trust and support.

And so in this season of gift-giving and on behalf of the PLM administration, I would like to present to you -- the people who have made all of us feel so blessed all year long – a special gift in return: the gift of our profound gratitude, together with our firm commitment to continue serving this university that we all love to the best of our abilities.

We will continue to work hard to safeguard and promote the welfare of every member of the PLM community; create a vibrant and nurturing environment where every teacher, non-academic personnel and student can perform at their optimum best and grow to their full potential; and make the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila truly the premier university of the City of Manila.

Again, on behalf of the PLM administration, thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Christmas 2015 Message of the University President, 2015 December 20.]


Let me take this opportunity to also extend a warm welcome to our incoming freshmen for this new school year, the members of PLM’s Batch of 2015. To all of you, welcome to the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Manila’s premier university that will be your second home for the next four years.

With your enrollment in PLM, you have become members of a select community of scholars, underprivileged yet talented – and certainly deserving – high school graduates of the City of Manila who, by coming to this university, will receive quality college education that will enable you, when you graduate four years from now, to go out into the world, compete on equal terms with anyone, and win for yourselves and your families better lives and a brighter future.

This, after all, is the power of education. It frees us not only from ignorance; it has the power to free us even from poverty. No amount of dole-outs or government-mandated wage increases can eradicate poverty.  The only way to fight poverty is to educate the marginalized sectors of our society so they can be empowered to improve their lives, so they would have the tools to help themselves.

This, my dear freshmen, is the very vision which inspired the establishment of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Created by law, specifically by Republic Act No. 4196, otherwise known as the PLM Charter which was signed into law in 1965, this university was envisioned to be Manila’s premier institution for higher learning. Its Charter has adopted the policy of preferential option for the poor and, because of this, PLM has, from the start, prioritized education for the underprivileged but talented students of Manila.

Committed to the highest intellectual and ethical standards, PLM strives to produce competent graduates with integrity who will be responsible citizens who can contribute effectively to local, national and even global initiatives for the progressive and sustainable development of humanity.

Over the last 50 years, PLM has adhered steadfastly to this vision. Since its establishment in 1965 as the Philippines’ first-ever university to offer free education, it has produced some 75,000 graduates, a number of whom have become established and respected names in their chosen fields: business, engineering, law, medicine, media, government service and many others. Over the last 50 years, it has produced outstanding graduates, a dynamic community of “Iskolars ng Lungsod ng Maynila” who have brought – and who continue to bring – honor to the university. A select community of which you are now members.

But this honor, this privilege that was given you, has a concomitant responsibility. As “Iskolars ng Lungsod,” you have a responsibility to the City of Manila to be good citizens, not only of the city but of the country too. It is your duty to be productive and upright citizens who care about the community, who lead socially-relevant lives, and who work for the common good. After all, the best way to express our gratitude for the opportunities given us – for the blessings we have received – is to be a blessing to others.

Remember what Nelson Mandela said. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

As I look at your bright and eager faces, I feel confident that you will all be equal to that challenge. I am confident that, over the four years that you will spend here at PLM, you will learn the skills as well as the values that will make you not only intelligent young men and women, but, even more important, young men and women of character who will become good sons and daughters to your parents, role models for your siblings and peers, law-abiding and civic-minded citizens of Manila and the Philippines, productive and upright professionals in your chosen fields.

Thank you and good afternoon.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Message during the Freshmen Orientation 2015, held on 2015 June 25 and 29, Justo Albert Auditorium.]


Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat.

Let me begin by congratulating the newly elected and freshly installed student leaders of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, the officers of PLM’s Supreme Student Council and the various College Student Councils for School Year 2015-2016.

I congratulate you for winning in the elections for your respective student councils, but, more importantly, I congratulate you for taking on the challenge to lead.

From the time I took over as President of our beloved university, I have always enjoyed meeting with our students because I strongly believe that you, our students, are PLM’s greatest asset.

My encounters with PLM students, particularly those who we have recognized for their accomplishments and the honor they have brought to our university, have convinced me that PLM students, all of you gathered here as well as the thousands more who you will lead next school year, are truly special.

You have the determination and the perseverance to succeed, a firm belief in your own abilities and competencies, but, at the same time, you also have genuine empathy for your fellow students.

And so I’m very happy to be here with you this morning because this is not just a gathering of PLM students; this is a gathering of PLM’s student leaders – our student body’s cream of the crop!  It is certainly a great privilege to speak to you today.

As I am now in the presence of the leaders of our university, I would like to take this opportunity to present to you the vision and mission of PLM.

Created by a National Charter, RA No. 4196, which was signed into law in 1965, PLM was envisioned to be Manila’s premier institution for higher learning. This Charter has adopted the policy of preferential option for the poor and, because of this, PLM has, from the start, prioritized education for the underprivileged but talented students of Manila.

Committed to the highest intellectual and ethical standards, PLM strives to produce competent graduates with integrity who will be responsible citizens who can contribute effectively to local, national and even global initiatives for the progressive and sustainable development of humanity.

To bring us closer to making PLM Manila’s premier university, our Board of Regents, management, faculty and staff have committed themselves to the attainment of the following:
- To be recognized by Philippine and ASEAN academic accrediting agencies as a premier university for its quality education, research and extension services;
- To ensure that PLM maintains a passing rate higher than the national average in all professional licensure examinations taken by its graduates;
- To provide our students with a high quality education that will give them a competitive advantage for employment opportunities;
- To encourage and support research initiatives that will contribute to the advancement of human knowledge, especially in pioneer areas not given attention by other institutions; and
- To establish a university culture that will inculcate the highest level of academic excellence, integrity, and social responsibility among our students, faculty and staff.

I’m sure you all support PLM’s vision, and I’m sure you will agree that our mission – the goals I enumerated are certainly deserving of our labor and commitment. But I’m sure you will also agree with me when I say that we still have a long way to go before we can accomplish those goals. A lot of things still have to be done to make PLM the premier university of the City of Manila that our founders envisioned when they established it 50 years ago.

This is the reason why the university is now implementing a number of programs and projects to bring us closer to that vision. As I’m sure you all know by now, we’re giving priority to providing PLM with all the requirements essential to good equality education. This involves improving the university’s physical facilities, putting up a well-equipped laboratory, upgrading the library, and, above all, putting together a highly qualified faculty.

Given the often unsettled times we live in, we’re also working to ensure the safety and welfare of our students. In short, we’re working hard to provide you, our students, with an environment conducive to learning, where you can learn the skills and values that you need to succeed in life, and where you can grow to your full potential.

As your President, I would like to invite all of you, PLM’s student leaders for the coming school year, to work with us in implementing these programs and projects.

And the good news is we’re not alone. A number of the university’s friends and supporters have come forward with pledges of assistance. For instance, one of the country’s most respected business executives, Mr. Manny Pangilinan, who is better known by his initials MVP, accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker in our commencement exercises last April 13. He visited PLM and spoke to some of our students and was apparently impressed by what he saw. During his graduation day address, he pledged the support for PLM of three of the big companies he chairs: the repair and rehabilitation of the school’s electrical connections by Meralco, the supply of clean drinking water by Maynilad, and the provision of free Wifi by PLDT.

He also donated P20 million of his own money to the university. Part of that, you’ll be glad to know, will be used to rehabilitate and air-condition the PLM gym.

Vice Mayor Isko Moreno has also donated a free and unlimited Wifi connection to the university. And, of course, our beloved Mayor Joseph Estrada has given his firm commitment that the government of the City of Manila will continue to support PLM.

But we have to do our part. And here is where you, the student leaders of PLM for school year 2015-2016, come in.

Aside from helping us, your university administrators, faculty and staff, implement the programs we’re doing and explaining to your fellow students our objectives for doing them, I would like to ask you to come up with your own programs and projects to show PLM’s friends and supporters that we are worthy of their assistance; that they should continue supporting us because we truly deserve to be – and are truly capable of becoming – Manila’s premier university.

I can see the excitement in your eyes. I’m sure many of you are already brimming with ideas about projects you want to implement in the coming school year. I want you to know that my office is always open to you. I’m always ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions for making PLM a better university. And I’m eager to work with all of you to make this vision a reality.

I just want you to remember one thing: Leadership is ordinarily thought of as the ability to get others to follow. This is partly true, but leadership is much more than that. True leaders always stand for something. True leaders have values. True leaders have character. True leaders are not just first in position; they are first in merit as well.

Merit. This is one topic that is very close to my heart. I have always believed that things are done, that things should happen because they are meritorious. An action is undertaken because it is the right thing to do. A project is approved and implemented because it is a good project that will benefit many.
A person succeeds – promoted, elected into office, or, even simply, accepted in a prestigious university – because he is good and is truly qualified for the privilege.

Unfortunately, over the years I’ve seen and have been appalled by the deterioration of the importance given to merit.

I’ve seen projects approved because of “palakasan” and “palusutan.” I’ve seen people get what they want because of political patronage, because they have connections to the powers-that-be.
This, my dear students, is not the right way to succeed. While this approach may work in the short run, in the long run, it will work against you and even ruin you. You will no longer know what is right and what is wrong, and soon you will lose your moral compass. And that is a great tragedy, especially for you, PLM’s student leaders and the future leaders of our city and our country.

It is time to put a stop to this growing social cancer. And so I’m asking you, the student leaders of our beloved university, to work with me, to work with PLM’s administration, in stamping out political patronage. Let us put an end to the culture of “palakasan,” “palusutan” and corruption. Instead, let us bring back that true Filipino culture of meritocracy, where traditional values hold sway, where people are judged based on their competence and character, where a person succeeds because of initiative, perseverance and honest labor.

Leadership is not about privileges; it is about service. True leaders have integrity, competence and, above all, empathy. They are concerned about the welfare of their followers, the constituents they serve, and they are able to bring out the best in them.

Looking at all of you today, I’m confident that you have what it takes to be true leaders. So, again, congratulations to all of you. I’m looking forward to working with you in the coming school year to bring PLM to even greater heights!

Magandang umaga at maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Message during the Oath-Taking Ceremonies of the newly-elected Student Council Officers, 2015 May 11, Justo Albert Auditorium.]


Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat.

We are all gathered this afternoon to thank the Lord for all the blessings He has showered upon all of us, for the years you spent here in PLM, for the knowledge, the values, the friendships acquired while here, and for completing all the requirements for your graduation.

I feel so grateful and honored that I have been given the privilege to be a part of this joyous moment. This is the first time I shall officiate as your University President in these ceremonies.

This is the also first time in my life that I shall experience being part of a baccalaureate program. I never experienced the joy of being in one before. Oh, don't get me wrong. It is not because I did not have a Form 137 or 138, which I believe you understand to mean that one had not validly completed a high school degree.

I did finish my high school as well as my undergraduate degree. I graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of the Philippines at the height of student activism in the country. However, UP, at that time, decided to cancel all graduation activities to avoid the possibility of students holding a protest rally during the ceremony. That was sometime in the year…hmm never mind. Identifying the year will give away my real age.

Before giving you some life tips on what you can do to succeed after your graduation, I would like to share with you four major points that I learned about this University from the first day I served it.

No. 1: I found out that most of our students come from the financially underprivileged sector of our society;

No. 2: I discovered that University facilities are quite wanting. The majority of the classrooms cannot be considered as conducive to learning. Our laboratories lack the necessary equipment needed for the proper training of our medical, nursing, engineering, and other science students, among others. Our libraries are not adequately equipped with the books and journals needed for our courses; our bathrooms are hardly functional, some buildings were even structurally condemned.

No.3: But despite all of these inadequacies, I learned that our students were doing very well in licensure examinatons. I learned that our passing rate for the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Physical Therapy, College of Engineering is usually 100%. For the College of Architecture, our passing rate is about 97%. And on the whole, our passing rate is way above the national average for practically all licensure exams. A number of our graduates even top the exams!

No. 4: I also learned that in addition to our performance in licensure examinations, our students have been winning so many competitions sponsored by different organizations such as the Business Idea and Development Awards of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the ASEAN Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Quiz Bowl; NLEX-SCTEX Infomercial Making Contest; Association of Local Colleges and Universities Sports Competitions; the ANC Law Debate; the Shell Eco-Marathon contest; the Smart Communications contest, and many others.

These four learning points really puzzled me. Our students are underprivileged, our facilities are wanting, but our students are doing very, very well.

I had difficulty reconciling these findings and, as an academician, I could not formulate the proper hypothesis to resolve this apparently paradoxical situation. It was only after I had the opportunity to have a dialogue with our students and learned more about them, from them, that I was able to harmonize what I learned about the PLM.

I would like to share these things I learned with you today because I believe what I learned from our students could be the best message I could share with all of you this afternoon.

These are what I learned from them:

Our students have dreams. They have a strong desire to bring out the best in themselves. They vigorously pursue their passion. The paucity of resources was never seen as an obstacle in achieving their goals. They find solutions, they find ways to pursue their objectives. All these I learned from our engineering students who pursued their desire to design an eco friendly vehicle that will run on the least energy requirement, despite their very disadvantaged condition. Our students have a sense of community and they support and care for each other.

Another very inspiring story I learned from them is about one of our students who lost all of whatever their family had in a fire that gutted Baseco a few weeks back. As relayed to me, the PLM student whose house was razed by the fire deliberately saved only one book, a book on thermodynamics. He did this because, at the back of his mind, in the midst of that life-threatening situation, he thought that book may be his only passport for learning the competencies and skills he'll need to help him recover their losses, and eventually improve his life and that of his family.

What was even more touching was the fact that our students passed the hat amongst themselves to help this classmate who lost all his material possessions in the fire so he can get back on his feet. I am sure this very generous gesture of his classmates provided such a healing effect on the wounds caused by the trauma and gave him hope to carry on.

Clearly this shows our students' caring stance for those amongst them who need more help. It shows that our students have a strong sense of community and concern for each other.

And if our students can display these traits and values in the midst of such deprived life circumstances, then there is great hope for our country.

Of course, you would not have acquired these admirable human traits and values were it not for the support and guidance given by your parents and your teachers. So to all of you, our students, the parents, and our faculty, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations. I wish to pay homage to all of you for the lessons you have taught me while serving the University as your President.

As you move on to the next phase of your lives, may you not forget all the experiences you had in PLM, the joys, the sorrows, the defeats, the victories, the conflicts, the resolutions. More importantly, continue to believe in yourselves, continue with your self-reliance, your optimism, determination, perseverance, your hard work, and continue to follow your dreams which you pursue with a passion.

What I have learned from you is this: You already have in you what it takes to succeed in life.

All these will strengthen you as you go forward in your life's journey. Carry on and continue to build yourself, and, as you did here in PLM, continue to uplift not only your life, but also that of your family, your community, and our country.

Once again, congratulations to all of you.

Maraming salamat po.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Message during the Baccalaureate Ceremonies, 2015 April 10, PLM Field.]


Allow me to express my heartfelt congratulations to all our student achievers for the academic year 2014-2015.

I am glad to know that our University has institutionalized a "Recognition Day" to honor our students who have displayed exemplary performance in various fields of endeavor.

As you all know, I am relatively new to this University. I assumed my office only last September. Hence I am still in the process of learning more about the University, especially its students.

Before I officially joined PLM, I did some research on it. I found out that the school has a very good reputation in terms of performance in licensure examinations, as well as in the performance of our graduates at work. I learned from some of our biggest banks and corporations that they prefer PLM graduates not only because of their competencies, but more importantly because of their good work ethic and attitudes. They strive hard to do well, and they readily accept assignments given to them for as long as these will contribute to the attainment of the company's objectives.

Reading the PLM Charter, or what we call its enabling law, I learned that this University is a sui generis, i.e. one of a kind in the country. It is the only local university that was created by an act of Congress. All other local universities were created by an ordinance passed by their respective local government units. Hence, PLM is quite unique.

In addition to its unique nature, what particularly caught my interest was the University's mission: to provide quality education for the marginalized, underprivileged but talented students of Manila. This mission goes well with my firm belief that was expressed so eloquently by Mahatma Gandhi when he said "Education liberates one from poverty."

After six months at the helm of PLM, I must say that there is only one source of motivation to continue to serve the University – YOU, the students.

I am particularly inspired by all your accomplishments that have made the University a source of pride for all of us.

What makes your achievements even more amazing is that most of you accomplished them by competing outside PLM. This shows your capabilities to do well in the world outside the comfort of the confines of our campus.

For example, we have our team of student entrepreneurs who drew up the business plan that bested the entries of 72 other universities from around the country to emerge as champions in the service category of the 8th Business Idea and Development Award program of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Another notable example is our team of student engineers who designed, built and test-drove at the Luneta an ultra energy efficient vehicle that qualified them as a finalist in the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2015 where teams from 20 universities from the Philippines and 17 countries around the world competed.

Our student honorees have shown values and traits that I believe must be emulated by all Filipinos. You have shown your strong will and desire to bring out the best of your God-given talents to excel in whatever you do. This despite some material handicaps, which makes you and your achievements all the more admirable.

You have displayed initiative, industry, discipline, resourcefulness, determination, and persistence to succeed to reach your chosen goals.

It is because of these traits that you are now being officially given recognition by the University. Without your knowing it, your positive traits and values put you way above those in society who have been given the advantage of wealth or popularity by virtue of birth or affinity with the powers that be. Your accomplishments and achievements are truly of your own doing. You did them – and did them well – not because of your genes or your family's wealth or power.

Once again allow me to express my sincerest congratulations and my sincerest admiration. You, the students, especially our achievers, are the primary reason we, the PLM administrators, vigorously continue to pursue the attainment of school's mission. Once more, I emphasize, you are our only inspiration and source of strength. Carry on.

Thank you.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Message during the University Recognition Day, 2015 March 31, Justo Albert Auditorium]


Let me begin by greeting all of you, the members of PLM’s Batch ’67, with a warm “Welcome home!” I feel privileged to join you today to share your joy and excitement as you reunite with  friends you have not seen for years, as you return to  the school that was once your second home, and as you recall the many memorable moments you spent here.

I feel a special affinity with you because I also belong to the Batch ’67 of a university which, like PLM, is equally loved by its alumni: the University of the Philippines in Diliman. We belong to the same generation. We went through the same experiences and share a common history – which is probably why we all still have the same youthful energy and why, despite the years, we all still look so young!

But seriously, working here at PLM, where you deal with young people on a daily basis, has a way of doing that. It energizes you. And while it will not always make you look young, it will surely make you feel young.

This is not to say, of course, that I jumped at the opportunity when the presidency of PLM was offered to me. Although working in the academe was familiar to me, having taught in several schools and universities before, I knew very little about PLM. It also didn’t help when some friends warned me that PLM actually stood for “Problema Laging Marami.”

But after four months of working here, I now know that that isn’t the case. Being PLM president is not an easy job. Often, it can be downright challenging, but it is always certainly fulfilling. And one very important reason for this is the support you, the alumni, give us. While you already have your families and careers to attend to, you continue to be interested in what’s going on in PLM and how we’re doing. And whenever your assistance is needed, you’re always ready to extend a helping hand.

And so, in behalf of the school administration, the faculty and students, I thank you for being such loyal and supportive alumni. I also want to assure you that, as our way of paying you back for your generosity, we will continue to work hard to make PLM a university you will all be proud to call your alma mater.

Towards this end, we have drawn up several programs – we’re calling them “reform programs” – and I would like to invite you to partner with us in their implementation.  First of all, we are putting priority on providing PLM with all the requirements essential to good equality education. This involves improving the university’s physical facilities, putting up a well-equipped laboratory, upgrading the library, and, above all, putting together a highly qualified faculty.

Given the often unsettled times we live in, we also want to give priority to ensuring the safety and welfare of our students.

We also want to help ensure their future and, to do this, we want to make sure that the courses PLM offers will enable them to land better jobs when they graduate. Thus, we’re putting an emphasis on licensure exam courses and on courses demanded by new technologies.

We likewise want to minimize political interference in academic decisions so we can maintain PLM’s high standards, continue its proud legacy and allow it to grow in an environment marked by true academic freedom.

Above all, we want to, once again, put a sharp focus on PLM’s mission which is clearly spelled out in the University Charter, and that is to provide high quality education to underprivileged yet talented high school graduates of Manila. 

We, your university administration, led by the Office of the President, are committed to implementing these reform programs. But we will be able to do this faster, more effectively and successfully, if you, the alumni, will get yourselves involved and partner with us.

We need your talents, your expertise, your time, and, most important of all, your commitment to PLM’s growth and betterment.

For this year’s homecoming, you chose as your theme “PLM at Alumni Sanggang-Dikit sa Tagumpay.”

This is certainly an inspiring theme. But let us not leave it at that; let us translate this theme into concrete, impactful action. Get yourselves involved, partner with us, and, together, let us work to bring PLM, your alma mater, to greater heights!
Thank you and good afternoon.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President
[Message on the occasion of the Batch '67 Alumni Homecoming, 06 February 2015, PRMEC Building, PLM Campus]


Our sincerest and warmest greetings Brotherhood of Medical Scholars on the celebration of its 27th Founding Anniversary this 17 December 2014.

As the new Administration puts premium in expanding the frontiers of excellence in our University, the direction of BMS to translate its enduring years of brotherhood into a wellspring for “academic excellence, community service and leadership” weaves perfectly well with PLM’s strategic goals.

The brand of education in the College of Medicine is one that is oriented towards social service. The nobility of the character of its scholars are delicately fashioned towards selfless sacrifice and unbending commitment to common good. This is especially true to the cause of the poor who otherwise could not have access to suitable health care if not for the “few good men,” like you, who chose to stand and live among those who have “less in life.”

It is our fervent wish that like-minded organizations shall continue to pursue the path of enlightenment -- committed to the noble cause of public service and ever ready to respond to the more pressing social needs of the citizenry.

Ma. Leonora Vasquez-de Jesus, Ph.D.
University President

[Message on the occasion of the 27th Founding Anniversary of the Brotherhood of Medical Scholars of the College of Medicine]


I would like to thank our concerned students for bringing this problem to my attention. I shall look into it right away. I assure you this will not cause a change for the first semester policy.

I have directed the concerned key officials to inform me of all other problems, conflicts, and issues that may arise from the adoption of the 2005 University Code. I have made it clear to all of them that our foremost objective is to ensure that we provide the proper support for our students as you are our primary reason for being here.

I do appreciate your sending feedback and comments for the improvement of our University.


University President
[Message to the PLM community on the Grading System under the University Code of 2005.]