University Council



Nature and Composition

The University Council (UC) is a legislative creation, having been created by the Philippine Congress as a regular body in the University (Art. 8, R.A. 4196 [University Charter]).

It is composed of the University President and all the faculty members holding the rank of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor.

Powers and Functions

Subject to existing laws, the UC exercises exclusive powers and functions, such as:
1. Provided these matters are first approved by the Board of Regents, the UC alone has the power to prescribe the courses of study and rules of discipline.
2. To fix the requirements for admission to any college of the university, as well as for graduation and the conferment of degrees.
3. To recommend students or others to be recipients of degrees.
4. Through its presiding officer or its committees, it exercises disciplinary powers over the students within the limits prescribed by the rules of discipline approved by the Board of Regents.