Former Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Oliver B. Sta. Ana
On 25 March 2013, Dr. Oliver B. Sta. Ana was appointed as University/College Vice President III taking the position of VPAA after a long search for a permanent appointee. He was the officer-in-charge of the College of Human Development at the time of his designation.

The VPAA has administrative supervision over academic units, including the undergraduate colleges, professional and graduate schools, and all off-campus programs under any of said units. While said academic units have invariably been placed under various responsible officers over time, like the University President and Executive Vice President, under BOR Resolution No. 3535 approved on 29 January 2013, the deans have been restored directly under the VPAA. Likewise, under his permanent line of authority are the academic-support units that serve the academic needs of said teaching units and their scholars.

Dr. Sta. Ana chairs the Faculty Selection Board (FSB) which screens the applicants for teaching positions. He reports administratively to the Executive Vice President (EVP), just like the other two vice presidents, the directors of specialized presidential centers and four (4) other system-wide officers.

Personal Background
Born on February 28, 1979 in Quezon City
-Married with 3 children

Highest Academic Achievement
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, De La Salle University-Manila in 2011  (under a Scholarship Grant: CHED Faculty Development Program)
-Master of Arts in Counseling, De La Salle University-Manila in 2006
-Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (for K+12 and Madrasah Ed.), University of the Philippines-Diliman (on-going)
-Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Far Eastern University  in 1999

Professional Development
Registered Guidance Counselor (9th place in the Licensure Examination for Guidance and Counseling in 2009
-Passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in 2002
-Civil Service Eligible (Professional) in April 2000
-Attended, facilitated and served as resource speaker to various seminars, trainings, workshops related to his field of expertise
-Conducted relevant researches in the field of expertise
-Held various Committee memberships
-Faculty Adviser, Supreme Student Council, SY 2012-2013

Awards/Recognitions Received
-Service Awardee (10 yrs), PLM in 2012
-Received Certificates of Recognition for Career and Self-Development in 2012 and 2006
-Received Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service and Generosity in the 2012 Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduate Program, University of Michigan
-Consistently obtained Excellent ratings in the Student Faculty Performance Evaluation from 2002-2007

-Psychological Association of the Philippines
-National Association for Filipino Psychology
-Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association

Other Pertinent Details
Year of Entry to PLM was on June 17, 2002 as Instructor I at the College of Human Development
-Held various administrative functions such as: 
Officer-in-Charge, College of Human Development (28 Feb 2012-15 Mar 2013)
Chairman, Department of Psychology, CHD (June 2007-Feb 2012)