Graduate & Professional Schools

Each professional and graduate school has its own specified guidelines and criteria for admission. Most professional and graduate schools require a standardized exam for admission; However, the PLM College of Medicine also requires additional exams like NMAT, while other schools, including the PLM College of Law and PLM Graduate School of Health Sciences, have a set of proficiency exams that cover the rudiments of the discipline, as well as measure the English language capability of the applicant. Other criteria for admission generally include the transcript of records, overall GWA of previous college work, as well as undergraduate background of at least 12 units in the area of the professional or graduate degree. Most schools also require applicants to submit an admission essay, a recommendation from at least one college or immediate superior with whom the applicant studied or worked regarding the applicant's academic or professional abilities and character.


1. A general Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 2.00 or (84%) in the bachelor’s degree.
2. Applicants must have earned 18 units of English, 6 units of Mathematics, 18 units of Social Science subjects. Applicants lacking units must satisfy these requirements during summer before they are allowed admission.
3. Manila residency as evidenced by the applicant’s voter’s ID/certification, and a Barangay certification (for Manila's partial scholars only). Non-residents of Manila may apply as regular full-paying students.
4. Official Transcript of Records (TOR) from a recognized university or college.
5. Any government-issued ID (competent evidence of identification) and/or CTC.
6. Income tax return of applicant or the applicant’s parent from the year prior to the date of application.
7. Two (2) recent passport size, identical colored photos.
8. A letter of recommendation from the Dean or Head of former school

Acceptance to the College will be based on the satisfaction of the following:
1. Compliance with admission requirements
2. Submission of required documents
3. Passing of the College of Law Admission Test (CLAT)
4. Personal interview and evaluation by the Committee on Admission.

The College of Medicine accepts applicants for incoming first year medical students who will enter in the first semester of the following school year. Lateral entrees from other medical schools are not entertained. Previous applicants may not apply.

The MCAT applications are opened in November of each year, but applicants may already present their documents to the College staff for evaluation as early as August, so that the applicants are afforded ample time to produce necessary documents that are currently not in their possession.
Deadline of submission of requirements is usually on the end of January.
The MCAT is usually scheduled on the 2nd Sunday of February (For 2018: March 04. See the social media broadcasts here: ::  ::  ::  ::).

Criteria for Admission
1. Must be a natural Filipino citizen
2. Must have complied with all academic preparations
3. General Weighted Average of 2.50 or its equivalent or better
4. Must have an NMAT of 45 or above
5. Must have no failure in any subject in the undergraduate course
6. Must have no record of having been dropped from any medical school
7. Must have no record of having been denied admission in the PLM-CM
8. Must have no record of conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude
9. Must pass the MCAT
10. Must have passed a panel of interview
11. Willing to sign a memorandum of agreement to serve in the community designated by the College

Academic Preparations
1. He/She must be a holder of Bachelor’s Degree conferred upon by a duly recognized education institution
2. He/She must have earned credits in the following areas, and must have satisfied the required minimum numbers of units in the subject specifically enumerated herein:
     Sciences: 35 units
          Chemistry: 10 units
               Inorganic Chemistry: 5 units
               Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry: 5 units
          Natural Sciences: 15 units (5 units should at least be Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy or Human Anatomy and Physiology
          Physics: 5 units
          Microbiology or Elem. Genetics: 5 units
     Mathematics: 6 units
          Algebra: 3 units
          Elementary Statistics/Biostatistics: 3 units
     Language and Communication: 9 units
     Social Sciences: 9 units
          (Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Anthropology)
     Humanities: 3 units
          (Art Appreciation, Logic, Philosophy)

How to apply: (NEW! Ref.: College of Medicine)
1. Submit original and duplicate copies of the following for initial screening:
    » Birth Certificate (NSO copy)
    » Official Transcript of Record/Special Order No.
    » 2 Letters of certification of Good Moral Character
    » Certificate of General Weighted Average from the Registrar/College
    » Diploma/Certificate of Graduation
    » NMAT Result
    » Manila Voter's ID/Voter's Certification issued by the COMELEC (for applicants who are residents of Manila only)
    » Student's residence certificate (cedula)
    » Baranggay Clearance in the place of residence
    » NBI Clearance
    » Any other document to prove Manila residency
    » Parent's latest Income Tax Return (ITR) and/or Affidavit of Support and ITR of benefactor
    » Enrollment form for supplemental subjects required
    » Self-addressed stamped envelope
    » Long brown envelope and long file folder
2. If qualified to take MCAT, get certification from the college and pay MCAT fee at the Cashier's Office.
3. Get application form and MCAT permit at the College of Medicine office.
4. Take the MCAT exam as scheduled and present yourself for interview. Interview schedule will be given after the MCAT exam.
Note: Application will not be processed unless documents are completed.

The Dean reserves the right to invalidate the result of the MCAT if the applicant has not satisfactorily met the admission criteria and has not complied with all the above requirements, in which case the applicants shall be denied admission to the College of Medicine.


1.  Passing the qualifying exam
2.  Submission of required credentials:
· Transcript of Records: original/photocopy
· Two letters of recommendation: one from the present employer and one from a former professor
· Study permit for:
            a.   PLM Employees
            b.   Division of City Schools-Manila Teachers
· Two copies of 2 x 2 picture

1.  Submission of required credentials:
· Transcript of Records: original/photocopy
· Two letters of recommendation from the current supervisor (including nature of job, length of service, personality/character)
· Three copies of 2 x 2 or passport-sized picture
2.  Passing the qualifying exam (for Master's programs only)

1. Transcript of Records and BSN Diploma
2. Board rating and Licensure Examination Results
3. Employment Experience
4. Character references from the University attended and present employer

1. Bachelor of Science in Engineering
2. Required Experience
    For Master of Engineering Management (MEM): at least two years after graduation
    For Master of Engineering (MEng): at least one year after graduation
3. Acceptable grades in the undergraduate work supported by the Original Transcript of Records
4. Satisfactory completion of the PLM-GSE application form.
5. Satisfactory result of interview.

The GSE reserves the right to accept or reject applicants to the program.

Master of Engineering with specialization in Computer Engineering
Admission Requirement:
BSECE/ BSEE/ BSCoE graduates*
At least one year of experience
Acceptable grades in undergraduate work supported by original Transcript of Records.
* Digital System Design and Computer Architecture are required background undergraduate courses.  If the student is deficient in these, he/she will have to take them without graduate credits.

Master of Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering
Admission Requirements:
Civil Engineering graduates
At least one year of experience
Acceptable grades in undergraduate work supported by Original Transcript of Records

Master of Engineering Management with specialization in Construction Management
Admission Requirements:
Civil Engineering and Architecture graduates
At least one year of experience
Acceptable grades in undergraduate work supported by Original Transcript of Records

Master of Engineering Management with specialization in Manufacturing Engineering
Admission Requirements:
BSMfgE, BSIE, BSEE, BSME, BSChE  and other related engineering graduates
At least one year of experience
Acceptable grades in undergraduate work supported by Original Transcript of Records

Master of Science in Information and Communications Technology
Admission Requirements:
Academic background in engineering, physical science, computer science, or mathematical disciplines
At least one year of experience
Acceptable grades in undergraduate work supported by Original Transcript of Records

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