College of Human Development

chd History
The college was created in line with the restructuring of the previous College of Education whose vision is to develop well-integrated, dynamic, competitive and fully functional individuals responsive to the needs of society as agents of change. Such vision led to the merging of the Department of Psychology and Department of Social Work (former Departments from the College of Arts and Sciences) with the College of Education to form the new College of Human Development.

The merging of the three areas of discipline (psychology, social work and teacher education) was not just philosophical but also behavioural. The college is committed to produce globally empowered quality graduates who are proactive and catalysts of social transformation. Its mission is to foster development of well-integrated, dynamic, competitive, and fully-functional individuals responsive to the needs of society as agents of change. The College of Human Development formally operated on November 4, 2002 with three program offerings, namely the Department of Psychology, the Department of Social Work and the Department of Teacher Education. The college is located at the 2nd floor of the Gusaling Lacson.

A caring College of Human Development.

Guided by the PLM vision, we commit ourselves to provide quality education to the less privileged but deserving students in the three departments, psychology, teacher education and social work and develop them to become competent, productive, morally upright professionals, effective transformational leaders and socially responsible citizens of Manila and the nation as a whole.

Anchored upon our vision and mission, we seek to:
1. Equip the stakeholders with the scientific and technological knowledge, skills, attitude, and values for effective and efficient delivery of quality education and services;
2. Conduct relevant and innovative researches for the enrichment of scholarships, advancement of the industry, and development of community both locally and internationally;
3. Promote extension services for community development and establish mutually beneficial linkages with industries and institutions at the local, national, and international levels;
4. Adhere to the values of excellence, integrity, nationalism, social responsibility and trustworthiness; creativity and analytical thinking, and;
5. Enhance the goodwill and support of the stakeholders and benefactors for a sustainable caring people's College towards the transformation of the city of Manila and the nation.