College of Management & Entrepreneurship

The College of Management & Entrepreneurship had formerly been part of The College of Business Administration later renamed as the College of Business and Public Administration offering all business courses with the Programs Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accountancy, Economics, Marketing, Management, Finance and Public Administration.

In 2003, with the increase of student population, the University Management decided to split the College into the College of Accountancy and Economics and the College of Management and Entrepreneurship. Thus, CME now handles the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Public Administration major in Marketing Management, Finance and Treasury Management, Human Resource Operations Management, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and two Off-Campus Program, Bachelor in Public Administration and Bachelor in Business and Public Administration.

The College of Management & Entrepreneurship envisions itself as a dynamic, socially responsible and committed educational institution geared towards the development of outstanding leaders imbued with the Christian values in the field of management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and public administration.

To achieve our vision, we commit ourselves to develop outstanding and socially competitive leaders and managers. The College values its role as an educational leader enhancing change and responding to the complex needs of those it serves.

1. To provide, promote and maintain industry-based business education.
2. To provide strategic planning skills in functional areas of management necessary in developing creative minds for sound decision-making.
3. To foster an atmosphere of learning for the integration of human capability and moral values.
4. To uphold continuous commitment to community service by keeping abreast with the advances in technology and research.
5. To establish linkages with government, industry, non-government organizations both local and international for the development of the community and the society.