College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports

An excellent training center for professionals in the field of physical education, recreation and sports that possess globally competent capabilities.

Holistic development of dynamic and skilled individuals responsive to the changing needs of the industry and the community.

General Objectives & Functions
COPERS will take charge of all academic instructions, programs and other activities pertaining to sports, physical education, recreation, fitness and dance in the entire university.
1. To offer academic courses in Physical Education in cooperation with other colleges of the University;
2. To relieve students of different colleges from stress by offering a two-year service physical education program;
3. To provide direction and support for the regular university intramurals, in coordination with the Student Intramurals Council and the colleges;
4. To provide, supervise and support in the university participation in the extramurals, dual meets, invitational games, and other related activities;
5. To promote the recreative, social and ethical values derived from various activities in sports, fitness, recreation and dance;
6. To offer extension services; and
7. To cooperate and support the university in its programs and the implementation of its, vision, mission, and objectives.

Structural Set-up
The College as directly under the supervision of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. It is headed by a Dean who is designated to the position from ranks of faculty shall:
1. Take charge of all the functions of the College.
1. Report directly to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs for all issues and concerns of the college.
2. Have direct control and supervision of all the operations of the college.
3. Carry the directions and supervision over all physical education instructors, clerical and janitorial personnel.
4. Have direct supervision over all physical education instructors in providing academic instructions
5. Direct supervision over clerical and janitorial personnel who provide the needed support staff in all endeavours of the college.