College of Physical Therapy

cptEqually a high-performing college of the University, the College of Physical Therapy lays the touchstone of powerful Physical Therapy education and training, enabling the College to remain consistently second to the highest in licensure examinations for the past fourteen years. Contributing significantly to the promotion of wellness and the rehabilitation of physical disability, the college affirms the compassionate and unquestionable dedicated health care services of its graduates.

Established in year 1993, the College of Physical Therapy opened its doors of education and training to aspiring experts in the field of health care and allied medical profession.

The College envisions itself as the one laying the touchstone of PT education and training, developing holistic health professionals predominantly capable of rendering full spectrum of higher quality learning and rehabilitation services.

It is for this vision that the College sets its mission of becoming an excellent and innovative center for education and training of PT professionals who are globally competitive, research-oriented, commendably integrated, compassionate, and socially responsible team players highly capable of delivering aptly designed Physical Therapy programs and services to promote wellness and overcome one’s physical disability.

The College exists to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To teach deserving students of Manila the art and science of Physical Therapy.
  2. To develop in students the ability to integrate conceptual, technical and psychomotor competencies, deemed significant to their future academic and/or clinical practice.
  3. To imbue responsibility, professionalism and good ethical principles in conduct of teaching and patient care / treatment.
  4. To develop the students’ critical thinking, clinical judgment and problem-solving skills through activities that foster active, higher, and lifelong learning and instruction;
  5. To further the students’ basic knowledge and skills through research;
  6. To develop social consciousness through outreach and community-oriented rehabilitation programs, responsive to the changing needs of Philippine society.

Passionate Medical and Physical Therapy practitioners and academicians are in the forefront of catering Physical Therapy education in this premiere University. And believing that learning is likewise for students and teachers, the faculty of the College of Physical Therapy are pursuing Post Graduate Studies related to their respective field of specialization in the country’s leading Graduate Schools. Foundation of the College has also laid stretch the opportunity to its administration and staff to value hard work while taking joy in rendering dedicated and efficient service both for the students and this University.

Service-oriented and result-driven practice, Physical Therapy entails the use of physical agents such as heat, cold, water, electricity, pressure, sound, traction, exercise, and massage for the successful rehabilitation of patients diagnosed of cardiopulmonary and/or neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Such essential, extensive, and holistic practice spurs the College to move in synch with the higher, formal institutions in upholding integration and lifelong learning. The College of Physical Therapy’s comprehensive curriculum is a stepwise program toward realizing what it is set to achieve. Liberal Arts, Management, Physical Education, and Basic Preparatory subjects under the University’s Articulated GE Program precede further learning scaffolds of Professional Physical Therapy subjects grouped into Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Physical Therapy Applications, given in two academic years. Honing of skills and competencies is given during the rigorous Internship Training comprised of a ten-month Clinical Rotation and a six-month Saturday Academic Program.

The BSPT Curriculum of the College of Physical Therapy is parallel to that of Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) and Professional Regulation Commission’s (PRC) required BSPT program. This ensures that the PLM-CPT BSPT Curriculum upholds the standards set for and towards professional, ethical, and competent practice. And speaking of global competitiveness, the PLM-CPT BSPT Program is equally comparable with the BSPT Curriculum of the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Of the 16 consecutive previous National PT Licensure examinations since 1998, PLM-CPT has taken the FIRST and SECOND PLACE school ranking 8 TIMES. To date, PLM-CPT has consistently remained at the second place on the school ranking out of the 98 existing PT universities/colleges for 5 consecutive years – a resounding testimony of exemplary academic performance that is clearly at par with the Top Pioneer Universities offering Philippine PT Education.

Fifteen years of existence means 15 years of academic excellence, and still counting!