College of Science

On 18 March 2002, in a Board of Regents meeting, a proposal entitled “Reorganization of the Different Colleges and Academic Units in line with the Restructuring Efforts of the Administration” was presented.  One of the concerns in the said proposal was to divide the College of Arts and Sciences into three (3) independent colleges with their respective academic disciplines, namely: 

a) College of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
b) College of Liberal Arts, and
c) College of Mass Communication

The College of Science had its inception in 02 April 2002 by virtue of Board Resolution No. 2467.        

In response to the challenges of the times and in keeping with the vertical articulation scheme of the CHED,  the College proposed the BS/MS Straight Programs for all existing course offerings:
         BS/MS Biology
         BS Biology/MS Biotechnology
         BS/MS Chemistry
         BS/MS Mathematics

The BS/MS Straight Programs are designed to meet both the general education requirements and the academic and technical background requirements to prepare the students in the different fields of science and mathematics.  The MS Program is focused on the theoretical and laboratory skills necessary for the respective professions.  It is anticipated that majority of the students will choose to pursue up to the MS because of the opportunity  to complete it in five years.  Termination after the BS however remains a viable option.   

We are a national center for science education instilled with Pamantasan Filipino values.
We promote the advancement of knowledge through research and extension services and an encompassing practical application of the same; encourage the achievement of the full academic and personal potential of both students and faculty through scholarly innovations;  and uphold unwavering commitment to rise above the challenges of the times.
We are steadfast to address the needs of disadvantaged communities through participatory approach.

We envision the PLM College of Science as the priority choice of students who seek quality undergraduate education, and of a Faculty who actively seek the extension of the frontiers of knowledge through critical study, research and scholarship.  The College will likewise be recognized for its role in promoting and upholding sustainable commitment to civic responsibility.


In keeping with the CS mission, we are dedicated to achieve the following goals:
1. To educate and retrofit graduates who can adapt to the rapidly   changing world of science and technology;
2.  To prepare students for scientific careers in the academe, research and industry;
3. To involve/commit graduates in promoting and sharing their expertise in the scientific community;
4. To develop inventive and critical thinkers who can lead cutting-edge researches in their respective areas of interest; and
5. To promote zealous, selfless and untiring services to the community.