Graduate School of Health Sciences

By virtue of Board Resolution No. 2329, the Graduate School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences was created as an independent graduate school last 10 January 2001, separating it from the Graduate School of Arts, Sciences, Education and Nursing (GSASEN). With her dedicated character and leadership, Dr. Marilyn R. Coladilla was designated as the first Dean of GSNAHS. On 02 April 2002, with the approval of Board Resolution No. 2467, the GSNAHS was re-organized to include other graduate courses in Medicine, Physical Therapy, Community Health Services and Hospital Administration, thus, given a new name of Graduate School of Health Sciences (GSHS).

A caring Graduate School of Health Sciences that is committed to develop health professionals who are principled leaders and managers in the global community.

Developing exceptional health professionals in the fields of teaching, practice, research and entrepreneurship who are committed to excellence and innovations.

1. To strengthen commitment in the delivery of quality health care.
2. Empowerment of health professionals in the conduct and utilization of an evidence-based research.

Leadership of GSHS
- Dr. Marilyn R. Coladilla (June 2001-August 2004)
- Dr. Domingo B. Nuñez (December 2004-May 2005)
- Prof. Nilo A. Capangpangan (June 2005-December 2007)
- Dr. Alberto G. Romualdez (January 2008-April 2011)
- Dr. Maria Jesusa Lourdes D. Rodolfo (June 2011-March 2013)
- Dr. Ma. Eufemia M. Collao (March 2013-August 2014)
- Dr. Anchela Y. Uy-Biag (August 2014-)