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The Public Notices section is the central repository of public announcements, serving as the clear manifestation of the Top Management Team's high commitment to transparency and accountability.

As PLM gears towards institutionalizing good public governance in its operations as its primary advocacy, public announcements are published in a variety of publications and augmented in the official website. These public announcements include the notices of hiring, bidding notices, the annual procurement plan (APP), and the schedule of fees for highly-subsidized (minimal paying) scholars, professional students (law & medicine) and graduate school students.

As in any other organization, policies promulgated by the policy-making bodies and decision-making authorities are ought to be widely publicized and disseminated, including administrative orders.

PLM subscribes to the Transparency Principle of the Philippine Government.


Publicly available downloads of general interest are also available through this section.


Scholarship Application Form 2019 »

Professionalization Program for Public Procurement Practitioners »

Outstanding Alumni Awards Nomination Form »

Outstanding Alumni Awards Criteria »

PLM Student Manual »

PLM Faculty Manual »

PLM Suicide Prevention & Postvention Protocol: A Guide for the School Community: »

2016 PLM Annual Report: »

Scholarship Application Form »

Students' Faculty Evaluation System manual »

Ranking based on the Official Statistical Data on the 2016 Bar Examinations from the Supreme Court of the Philippines Office of the Bar Confidant: »

2017 Parking Space Diagram

FREE, First-come, First-serve
: »

Computerized Registration System

Student Access Procedure: »
CRS ( »

Enrollment Steps/Procedures (2nd Semester):
Regular and Irregular Students (both Paying and Non-Paying) »

Regular Semester Enrollment Flowcharts:
Upperclassmen (including Add/Drop): » »
Freshmen/Transferees: »
Senior High School: »

Summer Enrollment Flowcharts:
Graphical: »
Textual: »

University Code of 2005 » »
Official PLM Seal

General Interest
PLM Anti Red Tape Citizen's Charter

University Health Services
University Health Services Orientation for Scholars
Handwashing - Technique to Keep Germs and Viruses Off

Office of the University Registrar
Request Form for School Credentials
Checklist of Requirements for Request for School Credentials
For questions on school credentials, pls. visit the FAQ section.

Human Resource Development Office
2017 PDS Forms
    CSC Reso No. 1700656 - Download
    CS Form No. 212 Revised Personal Data Sheet - Download
    CS Form No. 212 Attachment - Revised Guide to Filling Up the Personal Data Sheet - Download
    CS Form No. 212 Attachment - Work Experience Sheet - Download
Staffing Pattern Form - Download
New SPMS Forms (Nov 2016)
     Choaching Journal - Download
     IPCR Targets - Download
     IPCR Form - Download
     OPCR Targets - Download
     OPCR Form - Download

Job Description Form - Download
Statement of Duties and Responsibilities - Download
Performance Evaluation System Form - Download

  2016 SALN Form - Main Form Additional Sheets
Faculty Promotions:
     2nd Batch - Effective 2015 September 01
     1st Batch - Effective 2015 July 08

Information & Communications Technology Office
Service Call Quality Assurance - Rate
Acceptable Use Policy - Download


(Releases of entrance qualifiers 2019)
PLM College of Medicine List of Applicants Qualified for Admission School Year 2019-2020  »
PLMAT 2019 Passers and Waitlisted Applicants  »
MCAT Passers (Qualified Freshmen)  »
CLAT Passers (Qualified Freshmen) Final  »
CLAT Passers (Qualified Freshmen) 3rd Batch  »
CLAT Passers (Qualified Freshmen) 2nd Batch  »
CLAT Passers (Qualified Freshmen) 1st Batch  »
PLMAT Passers (Qualified Freshmen)  »

(Info Sheets)
Professionalization Program for Public Procurement Practitioners  »
Outstanding Alumni Awards Nomination Form  »
Outstanding Alumni Awards Criteria  »
PLM Today: Official Newsletter of PLM  »
New telephone trunkline: ::  Direct lines: ::
PLM hosts 51st APMC national confab :: ::
New Alumni-regent sworn in  ::
Post-enrollment CRS Advisory: »  ::
Payment of Academic Fees Deadlines  ::  ::

MCAT 2019 Results (for SY 2019-2020)
Medicine Freshmen
: »

CLAT 2019 Results (for SY 2019-2020)

Law Freshmen
: »

MCAT 2018 Results (for SY 2018-2019)
Medicine Freshmen
: »

CLAT 2018 Results (for SY 2018-2019)

Law Freshmen
: » » » »

CLAT 2017 Results (for SY 2017-2018)

Law Freshmen
: »

MCAT 2017 Results (for SY 2017-2018)
Medicine Freshmen
: »

MYS3: Market Your School in 3 minutes
Terms of Reference (Mechanics) »
Entry Form »

CLAT Results 2016 Results (for SY 2016-2017)

Law Freshmen
: » »

MCAT Results 2016 Results (for SY 2016-2017)

Medicine Freshmen
: »

SHS 2016 Results (for SY 2016-2017)

Grade 11
: »

PLMAT 2016 Results (for SY 2016-2017)

Freshmen: »
Transferees: »

PLMAT 2014 Results (for SY 2014-2015)
1st Batch (03 March 2014): »
2nd Batch (09 May 2014): »

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