Public Notices
Administrative Orders and Board Resolutions

As in any other organization, official policies promulgated by the policy-making bodies and decision-making authorities are ought to be widely publicized and disseminated, including administrative orders issued by the University President. This elevates the level of commitment of the University Management to full transparency and openness, which culture is being strengthened all the more by the current administration in accordance with PAO No. 2013-12.

Board Resolutions

BOR Res. No. 4384: Adoption of Haribon as the Official PLM Mascot »
BOR Res. No. 4107: Implementation of the Acceptable Use Policy in the utilization of resources » »

Administrative Orders

PAO No. 2015-42 Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service »
PAO No. 2015-08 Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of EO 292 »
PAO No. 2015-09 University Grievance Machinery »

PAO No. 2014-12 IT Resources for Appropriate Official Use » »

PAO No. 2013-12 Transparency Coordinating Council »
PAO No. 2013-13 Centralized IT Service Management in PLM »
PAO No. 2013-14 The New University Grading System »

PAO No. 2010-08 2011 AdHoc Graduation and Recognition Committee »
PAO No. 2010-09 Reorganization of UCTIM »
PAO No. 2010-10 Reorganization of the University Curriculum Committee »
PAO No. 2010-11 Ad-Hoc Christmas Committee »

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