Photojournal - May 2009

Donation of 10 brand new desktop computers with LCD screen to PLM for the Library Internet station by the PLM '68 Alumni Development Foundation, Inc.
05 May 2009, University Library, Gusaling Katipunan

A snapshot of the 10 computers donated by the PLM '68 Alumni Development Foundation, Inc.

PLM President Adel A. Tamano welcomes guests, alumni, heads of academic and administrative offices, and PLM staff to the turn-over ceremonies.

Mr. Richard P. Prado, president of PLM '68 Alumni Development Foundation, Inc., greets PLM officials.

A few of the officers of the PLM '68 Alumni Development Foundation, Inc., benefactor of the 10 brand new computer desktops for the use of scholars in the Library Internet Station.

Mr. Prado shakes hand with President Tamano after delivering his turn-over piece and expressing his full support to the leadership of President Tamano as beneficial to the scholars and alumni of PLM.

PLM President Tamano delivers his acceptance speech and thanked the Foundation for its generosity. He underscored the benefits that will be derived by the scholars out of the kindness of alumni.

Alumni guests and PLM officials listen to PLM President Tamano's speech.

Atty. Marisol DL Anenias, University & Board Secretary, and Atty. Patrick L. Mariano, University Legal Counsel, try out one of the units by browsing the newly-uploaded PLM website.

The alumni foundation officers visited the PLM Pride Hall, the newest facility of PLM which showcases the landmark achievements of the PLM community.

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