Photojournal - June 2009

19 June 2009, Field Demo: Scholars don their physical fitness garments and apparels to shake and sweat it off in unison aimed at maintaining overall health, sheding off excess fats, preventing life-threatening chronic diseases, and ensuring mental alertness needed to maintain their intellectual leverage.

19 June 2009, Web Launch: Engr. Jess Trinos, PLMAAI President, speaks on behalf of the alumni on the importance of a webpage, especially that of an alma mater's, to the thousands of its graduates around the globe. He thanked the PLM's Top Management Team (TMT) and the IT Center for spearheading the project as a milestone event in the aggressive development of the University, and expressed the extreme elation felt by alumni from the various nooks of earth.
Note that while the new official logo has since been uploaded in the official PLM website, this is the first formal presentation of the new design in public, in lieu of the old yet incorrect design of the PLM seal.

19 June 2009, Web Launch: The ceremonial launching of the website sees the fushion of the TMT, including the "Dynamic Trio" (USec Anenias, Dir. Labagnoy of PAIO and Dir. De Gracia of ITC), the PLMAAI President (representing the local and global alumni), the SSC President (representing the current breed of scholars), and the ITC's WebTeam (Creative Multimedia Team under the Strategic Operations Group) consisting of Charmagne R. Erazo and Kristian V. Cristobal (not in photo is Napoleon T. Garcia Jr). Also in photo are Michael Kevin Tiu and Paul Andrew Fojas.

19 June 2009, Web Launch: President Tamano meets Ms. Wilma V. Galvante, GMA-7's senior vice president for entertainment and among the earliest scholar-alumni of PLM, at the sidelines before the web launch and coffee music hour.

19 June 2009, Web Launch: A variation of the official event design showing the logos or seals of the academic units as the frontliners in maintaining the high state of reputation of PLM. Even prior to the web's uploading in mid-April 2009, the ITC and PAIO underscored that the intrinsic value of the PLM Website lies on its virtue as a communal affair among the various stakeholders of the PLM community -- the scholars, the alumni, the professoriate, the staff, the management, and other key stakeholders. The TMT serves as the team that champions the technological innovation in the campus thru the ITC -- leading the way in making PLM at par in this aspect with other universities locally and abroad.

The web launch's official giveaway memento (bookmark), as carefully designed and directly approved by the then-Top Management Team (composed of the University President, Executive Vice President, University & Board Secretary and the University Legal Counsel). In the above, the obverse and reverse views of the bookmark were fused to serve as an official desktop wallpaper and the event backdrop.
Note the unmistakably conspicuous rendition of the new/correct emblazon of the PLM seal which was intentionally made as the biggest primary element in the design of both obverse and reverse sides. It replaced the old, incorrect version that has been in mainstream use by the PLM community before a correct PLM design was formulated for the first time in PLM's history.
The new PLM seal was earlier presented to the Top Management Team for approval and, noting the correct rendition in consonance with the time-honored art and science of heraldry since the Medieval times, was subsequently used officially and launched formally in public during the 44th Foundation Anniversary under the direct auspices of the Top Management Team. The video of the design-making steps of the official institutional website and the new/correct PLM seal, among others, was publicly presented during the formal launching ceremonies at the Justo Albert Auditorium, and simultaneously at the main lobby of the University during the university-wide celebration of the PLM foundation day.

19 June 2009, Web Launch: University President Adel A. Tamano presides over the formal launching of the official PLM website which he officially approved as one of the innovations spearheaded during his term. The inclusion of the formal launch is an official presidential decision upon the recommendation of the other members of the Top Management Team.

Note the official backdrop design which was carefully designed by the Top Management Team, conspicuously incorporating the new/correct PLM seal which was accurately rendered from the official blazon of the University as approved by the pioneer Board of Regents under Board Resolution No. 39.

Early on, shortly after the presidential order was issued to upload the official institutional website on 18 April 2009, it was presented, together with its uploaded contents which include said new/correct PLM seal, by the Top Management Team to the Board of Regents, through the Presidential Report, on its 21 April 2009 regular Board meeting. The Board commended this latest efforts of the University to innovate and expressed elation over its success, which also subsequently clinched widespread and global commendation from alumni.

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