Photojournal - October 2009

08 October 2009, Formal launch of the official PLM SIM and the PLM InfoBoard: President Adel Tamano holds up a facsimile of the official PLM SIM during its joint launch with the PLM InfoBoard service and is seen flanked by PLM Alumni Association president Jesus B. Triños and SMART Wireless Consumer Solutions head James Bernas. This event marked the official launch of the special partnership between PLM and telecom giant SMART that was spearheaded by the IT Center.

After the super-typhoon Ondoy's wrath has devastated the metropolis, PLM scholars who were yet to avail of their SIM (with free top-up load courtesy of their caring university) huddled eagerly and anxiously at the UAC for their turn. University officials were also excited to join in; seen among them were CMC Dean Gemma dela Cruz and PAIO Information Officer Gina Lumauig.

Leading the contract signing ceremonies for the PLM SIM and PLM InfoBoard were PLM president Tamano and SMART-WCS head Bernas. On hand to witness were ITC Director Garry Erwin de Gracia (project manager for innovative projects) and Engr. Triños of PLMAAI. The actual MOA was signed earlier on 31 July 2009.

President Tamano and Mr. Bernas led the ribbon-cutting of the PLM-SMART Friendship Terminals at the Library Internet Station (LIS). Two (2) desktops were added to the current units in the LIS as an added benefit for the PLM scholars, courtesy of SMART. They were seen testing the new units with Engr. Triños.

SMART-WCS head Bernas spoke about the benefits that PLM may optimize from the partnership, specifically on the PLM InfoBoard and PLM SIM, including the ability to enroll thru the PLM InfoBoard. Instead of hurdling the hassles of commuting, falling in many long lines, and spending for food and fare, enrollment may then become one (1) SMS away once the new online enrollment system of PLM is implemented thru the Integrated Communications System (ICS). He also announced that PLM now holds the distinction as the first public university to provide the InfoBoard and SIM services, and the first school to use customized printed name on SIM.

President Tamano said that, true to the calling of PLM's life purpose and vision as a caring university, his Management was dedicated to exploring for new ways of providing deserved benefits to his constituents, and the benefits brought in by SMART are only a few of these, and that more are coming. He looked forward to a continuous special partnership between PLM and SMART, and implored SMART to continue supporting PLM in its innovative undertakings even when he may no longer be its president in the future.

After President Tamano held the scaled-up model of the PLM SIM to the delight of everyone, many scholars and PLM officials followed-suit and posed for posterity.

University officials, SMART representatives, PLM staff, faculty members and scholars were one in witnessing this milestone event of PLM-SMART special partnership at the UAC.

PLM scholars had another glimpse of a regular occurrence inside the campus: the usual interaction, with the scholars and staff, of their most approachable and accommodating president yet -- to know and understand the plight and condition of his constituents. After speaking with them, President Tamano gamely obliged once again to their special request of posing for posterity.

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