Photojournal - November 2009

PLMAT Poster for SY 2010-2011
16 November 2009, Official Poster of Free 2010 PLMAT: PLM nixed the PLMAT application fee to democratize the aperture of financially-disadvantaged youth of Manila to an equitable high quality scholarship in a major university in the Philippines. The application fee, while it aids PLM in defraying the expenses of administering the admissions tests, however proscribes intellectually-gifted but poor graduates of public high schools from applying for their only sure ticket to better life -- PLM education.

SWEEP Lab Marker Turnover
12 November 2009, SWEEP Lab Inauguration: PLM formalizes anew its industry-academe linkage with telecom giant SMART thru the launch of the SMART Wireless Engineering Education Program, and the blessing of the SWEEP Laboratory and the radio room of the SMART cellsite. As indicated in the accomplishment report of the presidency of Atty. Adel Tamano, "towards the end of (his) short stewardship, development in the University has been characterized by massive technological innovations. One after the other, IT-based projects were rapidly deployed in 2009... and more often than not, these innovative undertakings took the form of 'communications enhancement,' putting premium to the flow of information within and outside the campus."

Shown receiving the marker of institutional partnership on behalf of PLM is Atty. Patrick L. Mariano, OIC-EVP, representing President Tamano (who was on official leave) and OIC-President Garayblas. Turning-over the marker is Engr. Jay Bacoy, SMART's senior manager for network and platforms services, a proud PLM alumnus and ECE board topnotcher. He is joined by two other proud PLM alumni, Engr. Rolando G. Peña, SMART's customer service assurance head; and Mr. Ramon R. Isberto, SMART's public affairs head (SMART Spokesperson). Atty. Mariano is accompanied by Dr. Virginia N. Santos, Vice president for academic affairs, and (far left) Dr. Anchela Uy-Biag, OIC-Board and university secretary.

A snapshot of the PLM and SMART officials, faculty, staff and scholars who attended the SWEEP inauguration.

A light moment of PLM directors, deans and chiefs before the start of the inauguration.

Three (3) of the desktops donated by SMART as part of the special partnership that benefits PLM.

SMART spokesman Isberto, a PLM alumnus, speaks about Education as the focus of SMART's corporate social responsibility. He underscored the need for the close partnership between the industry and the academe to ensure that our youth are aptly educated with the best instruction. This offshoots to the faster development of the country in terms of technology and communication.

SMART's Engr. Bacoy, another PLM alumnus and ECE board topnotcher, explains the rationale of the SWEEP and the benefits that his alma mater may derive from the special program.

PLM executive vice president Atty. Mariano reads the plaque of alumnus achievement award conferred upon Engr. Peña. Once a poor boy who didn't have a permanent abode to live in, he stayed at nights with laborers constructing the early PLM buildings and tended on their cooking needs. The PLM scholarship, he proudly admits, has turned around his abject life, enabling him to reach heights he could not even have imagined in his youth.

Turn-over of the special partnership marker for SWEEP: "This facility represents an investment in our youth and in the future of Philippine wireless communications made possible through the partnership between Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila & Smart Communications, Inc."

Dedication and blessing of the SWEEP lab and wireless radio room; officiated by Bro. Erwin Sayson, SC, and assisted by acolytes Enrico Miguel Mallari and Michael Tiu. Engr. Reynaldo Ted Peñas II reads the dedication passage.

SMART's Engr. Peña orients the PLM community on the wireless equipment inside the SWEEP laboratory and wireless radio room.

20-21 November 2009, SWEEP Training for the CET Faculty: In line with the institutional partnership between PLM and Smart Philippines, a training was conducted by industry experts among the faculty members of PLM and, in a separate schedule, all the graduating scholars under the BS-EcE course. This aims to update the academe of the contintuously evolving industry standards. The first module above, entitled "Systems Training for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)," was conducted at the SWEEP Laboraty, 3rd floor, Gusaling Villegas.
More training programs were slated for PLM.

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