Photojournal - November 2009

23 November 2009, Isang Pagsaludo sa aming Mahal na Pangulo: Credited for delivering transformational leadership that brought deep empowering impact and innovation to the core operations of PLM, Atty. Adel Tamano was feted in a thanksgiving ceremony never been experienced in PLM. Having earned for himself a distinction as "a man loved by the whole PLM community," as aptly put by the Ang Pamantasan official student publication (Vol. XXX No. 3, p.4), the PLM community was one in expressing its gratitude for the deserved benefits and massive developments never been witnessed in PLM's history.

Upon his arrival earlier in the morning, he was received by Vice-president for academic affairs Dr. Virginia Santos, Graduate school of health sciences dean Dr. Romualdo Romualdez, and ROTC coordinator MSgt. Rodolfo O. Gonzales. The cadet officers are seen giving a Foyer Honor with full "present arms" to the outgoing President.

Academic officials were among the early well-wishers, reaching simultaneously to the "most loved PLM President of all time." Quoting from the Ang Pamantasan's editorial, "Tamano has injected youth and idealism to an institution that, for many years, languished in old-school policies and stifling rules." Such shady characters were overshadowed during his stint, while innovative ideas flourished abundantly in what is acknowledged as the "PLM's version of the Renaissance Period."

Outgoing president Tamano was led along the Integrated Walkway where scholars, faculty, staff, alumni and many other well-meaning stakeholders were ecstatically waiting to express support and gratitude. The Integrated Walkway is only one of the many developments he left as a legacy for the benefit of the PLM community. Indeed, the Ang Pamantasan hit the nail on its head when it put on record that "his leadership is now regarded by many as the measuring tape of an ideal administration for this University."

A social work scholar reaches to embrace and kiss her president for giving scholars the best condition for learning. Scholars claim that President Tamano is someone who completely understands their situation. The PLM community was extremely grateful to his transformational leadership for leaving an imprint of legacy projects that matter most to their welfare and well-being, such as the Integrated Communications System (including free Wi-Fi access) that gives them access to a wealth of information in the cyberspace to support their academic and research pursuits. Indeed, as affirmed by the Ang Pamantasan, Tamano "benchmarked the structural progress of PLM" and his "presidency has set the standard in this field."

Scholars from various colleges take a last glimpse of their transformational leader as he has resigned effective the month-end. Never had a PLM president been so loved immensely like this by the people he led and cared for. This comes as no surprise after all, because Tamano knew exactly what he, as a president, has to do then to ensure that the culture of excellence in PLM is not merely safeguarded but elevated to greatest heights. His short term, which the Ang Pamantasan calls as "a very productive two-year period, taking into account the positive changes that happened in the University during his tenure," is now widely known as the "greatest and most shining moment" in PLM's history.

Throng upon throng of scholars, faculty and staff members dotted the horizon almost endlessly in a unified showcase of strong support to the President who "thinks, speaks and acts" like a true-blooded PLMayer. Though not actually a PLM alumnus and as if he is one, he has shown full understanding of the plight and woes of the entire PLM community, and has put into motion a well-commended management program that achieved milestone transformation for the University, and touched the lives of several thousands of the current breed of scholars and public servants.

The PLM community never minched words in articulating the deepest emotions over President Tamano's legacy projects that realized in so short a time, in a technocratic and no-nonsense fashion, the most well-meaning dynamic changes that the University could only long and dream for in the last two (2) decades. Quoting from the Ang Pamantasan, the independent student newspaper, these legacy projects are seen "as giving the studentry what they deserve... a great contribution in the proper education of the student body."

"Thank you!" "We love you!" "Salamat po sa tiwala, respeto at pagmamalasakit." There were just few of the many statements that articulate the emotions of the PLM community for the love and care that President Tamano has not only shown them, but had actually given to one and all. Indeed, tiwala (trust), respeto (respect), and pagmamalasakit (deep concern to others' welfare) are Filipino values that have unfortunately eroded and become scant in recent years, but which were redefined and resurrected by Tamano while managing PLM.

Employees of the Finance Team, old and young, enthusiastically reach out together to President Tamano. Dean Ramona Ty of CTHTIM hugs the President emphatically and thanked him from the deepest moorings of her heart as others continue to reach out to him.

With seemingly endless cheers reverbarating through the walls of Pamantasan, President Tamano is led towards the University Activity Center where more well-wishers have camped out to attend the send-off ceremonies.

President Tamano is welcomed by the raucous audience as they cheered upon his arrival at the University Activity Center. Atty. Rafaelito Garayblas, EVP and OIC-President of PLM, shakes hand with President Tamano.

The send-off ceremonies started with a "big little bang" from the pupils of the Mabuhay Integrated Learning Center whose well-choreographed presentation brought smiles to the audience. The PLM Student Choral Society of PCAC performed special renditions for the outgoing President.

The surprise number of Dr. Anchela Biag, OIC of the Office of the University & Board Secretary, became more exciting as the MILC kids surprisingly joined her in the rendition of the current staple dance music, "Nobody but You" by Wonder Girls. Their unison added to the utmost delight of the moment.

Various entities in and out of PLM gave testimonials to the outgoing President for the wonderful achievements he has done for PLM, among them were the representatives of the MILC and the Supreme Student Council. A placard at the background hoisted by one of the colleges captures the exact sentiment of the moment: "Thank you, Pres. Tamano, for making all these happen."

Previously alienated from their alma mater for a long time due to political dynamics in PLM, the alumni were welcomed back to the manifold of the University with fresh prospects for meaningful cooperation for the development of the University. President Tamano correctly chose to engage the alumni in the overall development agenda for PLM. Seen handing an engraved plaque after delivering a testimonial is Engr. Jess Triños, PLM alumni association president, accompanied by fellow alumni working in PLM.

The Board of Regents and the Top Management of PLM also gave a testimonial to President Tamano, led by Board chairman Justice Justo Torres Jr. and accompanied by VPAA Dr. Santos and Vice-president for finance & planning Angelita Solis. Such award is in recognition of the countless innovations he has initiated for the benefit of PLM, and as the Ang Pamantasan (AP) has observed, "He was able to prove that even in a short span of time, a lot of changes and improvements could be made, not only physically but also within the authorities administering PLM." Such feat drove the PLM community to consider him as, in the words of AP, "the best president this university has ever had."

The faculty members of PLM were also one in recognizing the landmark contributions of President Tamano to their ranks. The Academic Employees Association of PLM gave a plaque of appreciation, read by its secretary, Prof. Joy B. Gamad as its president, Prof. Erlinda Cayao, looks on. It was during his term that the association was born to serve as the mantle of leadership for the ranks of the faculty.

Not to be outdone is the PLM Administrative Employees Association (PALMAEA) whose president, Mr. Manuel Ronsairo, recounted before the audience the experiences of the association and its members under the caring stance taken by President Tamano. He noted that long-awaited yet deserved benefits that were too elusive in the past were carefully evaluated and approved by President Tamano. He claims that President Tamano fully understood the plight of the lowest rank and file employees of PLM. Indeed, as a technocrat professional, Tamano is cognizant of the basic management principle that the most important resource of any organization is its people -- the human resources as the lifeblood that spells its success or failure. President Tamano served as the beacon of a true manager and became the top ally of the rank & file. The PALMAEA has presented Atty. Tamano with a double-sided memento with his caricature on the obverse and a certificate of appreciation on the reverse side.

The Islamic community gave recognition to City Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, the City Council of Manila, and the Board of Regents for the opportunity given to a Muslim to serve as president of the University and prove that they, too, can make a wonderful and meaningful difference. Indeed, the academic community, in and out of PLM, has immensely appreciated the lasting effect of the development program that President Tamano has attained. Shown receiving on behalf of Mayor Lim and the City Council is Atty. Garayblas, Secretary to the Mayor and concurrently OIC of the Office of the President.

Select crooners bring smile as they serenade President Tamano to the delight of the audience.

Another song number prompted a lady employee, Winnie Reyes of PBAC, to rush towards President Tamano and embrace him with gusto, as audience dotted even the building hallways in upper floors.

The spacious UAC was not enough to hold in the large audience. The stairs of Gusaling Villegas were transformed into a "premier balcony" on top of the long hallways of the upper floors of the building.

Shortly after the community singing of Umagang Kay Ganda, President Tamano's favorite song, he gave time to the request of the audience for a posterity shot, some of which are posted here.

The Office of the University Registrar's tarp says it all: "We love you and we will miss you Sir Adel... Good luck on your endeavors. Thank you for everything!"

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