Photojournal - January 2010

January 2010, BOR composition as of start of 2010: With the addition of a new member, lawyer Renato G. dela Cruz (right), during the Board of Regents' 425th regular meeting on 13 November 2009, there are only three (3) vacancies left. The superintendent of the Division of City Schools-Manila sits as an ex-officio member, represented in the above picture by Dr. Ponciano M. Menguito (left).

The Chairman of the Board and the President of the University are chosen from among the regents themselves, respectively represented by Supreme Court Justice Justo P. Torres Jr. (center) and in the meantime as acting president by lawyer Rafaelito M. Garayblas (2nd from left). The President of the University, who is elected as such by the Board from among themselves, regularly sits as the Vice Chairman, which post was left vacant when then-regent and president Adel Tamano resigned in December 2009. Amb. Raul I. Goco (2nd from right) was re-installed from the previous Board.

Two (2) more regents-appointee are awaiting their confirmation from the City Council as prescribed by RA 4196, which also provides for the conferment of a fixed term of six (6) years to all regential appointees. The power to appoint the six (6) regential appointees is ascribed by the same law upon the mayor of the city of Manila, while the DCS-Manila superintendent serves as a member of the Board in an ex-officio capacity during which such appointment subsits.

The expected coming in on board by the 2 regents-appointee will leave the vacancy in the Board with only one (1) slot left.

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