Photojournal - February 2010

11 February 2010, Manila-San Francisco Sister-City Delegation: A 100-man cultural and trade delegation led by luminaries from San Francisco, California visited PLM to establish a working relationship with PLM and the Department of Tourism (DOT) on the preservation of Intramuros which is the most culturally rich heritage of the Spanish era in the country.

Acting President Rafaelito M. Garayblas (right) welcomes former Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. of the City of San Francisco. Mayor Brown brings with him a multi-sectoral and multi-racial delegation that comes from a culturally-rich city that he once led and is now administered by one of his youngest protegés, Mayor Gavin Newsom, who himself had also visited Manila and PLM in his earlier 2006 mission.

The heads of the delegation on their way to the Justo Albert Auditorium: former Mayor Brown (center), California civil service commissioner E. Dennis Normandy (chairperson of the San Francisco-Manila Sister City Committee), and Mr. John Hurd, International conservation director of the Global Heritage Fund (a UNESCO-affiliated foundation).

The San Francisco delegates as they listen intentfully to the welcome program prepared for them.

Former Mayor Brown addressing the audience on the goodwill that Manila's sister city, the City of San Francisco, seeks to extend to and collaborate with the former.

Hon. Marciano Paynor, Jr., Philippine consul-general to the United States, the main host of the delegation, delivers his welcome remarks.

Commissioner Normandy in a joyful delivery of his short speech regarding the pursuits and gains through the years of the San Francisco-Manila Sister City Committee which he chairs, as well as the prospects of expanding collaborative agreements and mutual aids to further strengthen the bonds between the two sister-cities.

A posterity shot with a PLM scholar.

A cultural presentation by the President's Committee on Arts & Culture welcomes the foreign guests. Presentors include the Hiyas ng Maynilad Dance Company, the PLM Rondalla, and the PLM Student Choral Society.

Commissioner Normandy granting an interview to an Ang Pamantasan staffer.

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