Photojournal - February 2010

16 February 2010, Marshall McLuhan Forum on Responsible Media: Jointly hosted by the Embassy of Canada and the PLM College of Mass Communication, the forum focused on the struggles of media in helping shape the public culture and in increasing public awareness, the challenges and sacrifices it faces (including violence against media), and the high import of its role as the fourth institution in safeguarding the hard-fought democracy. It may be recalled that the media at this point is advocating for the passage of the "Freedom of Information Act" in the Philippine Congress which will help in apprising the citizenry of the government transactions, thus ensuring complete transparency.

Canadian Embassy officers deliver their pieces in recognition of the media's siginificant role, especially in the then-upcoming national elections by protecting the will and voice of the people thru timely delivery of current events.

The main speaker, Ms. Diosa Labiste, stresses a point during her presentation. Ms. Labiste is an award-winning writer-contributor for the controversial VERA Files, former Visayas bureau correspondent for the leading national daily Philippine Daily Inquirer and editor-in-chief of The Visayas Examiner, and a doctoral scholar of the University of Birmingham. She is the first community journalist to be named McLuhan fellow since the awards were given out in 1995.

A posterity shot which include the foreign and local guests from the Embassy of Canada, the guest speaker, and the CMC faculty and scholars.

Pictorial shots of the audience from the College of Mass Communication during and after the event.

25 February 2010, MILC Recognition: Successful young learners of the Mabuhay Integrated Learning Center marched to graduation at the Bulwagang Manileño to the delight of their parents and guests. The MILC accepts pupils who are children or direct descendants of PLM employees as a caring policy-direction of PLM. This is one of the non-pecuniary benefits of PLM employees that aims to alleviate their concerns on their young children, among other purposes, so that they wouldn't be saddled heavily by taking their fragile young children to and fetching them from schools which undeniably could pre-occupy the PLM employees' thoughts and emotions all day long.

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