Photojournal - April 2010

27 April 2010, Testimonial for Bar passers and top Law faculty achievers: In yet another success story that added more laurels to the collection of the PLM Pride Hall where the event was conducted, the PLM College of Law on its 20th foundation anniversary celebrates a 75% passing rate for its 2009 batch as compared to the national passing average of 24.58%, as well as the appointment of faculty members to top government posts. The event also saw the formal unveiling of the PLM-CL seal, as well as its blazon, motto and symbolism of emblems.

Board of Regents chair Justice Justo P. Torres Jr. and acting president Atty. Rafaelito M. Garayblas lead the formal unveiling of the college seal as Law dean Atty. Ernesto P. Maceda Jr. looks on.

Dean Maceda addresses the audience with the newly unveiled college seal and motto at the foreground -- reminiscent of the academic tradition and universal protocol of placing the seal near or directly in front of the incumbent. More than serving as the symbolic heraldry of the office of the Dean, the seal and motto represents the culture, quest and aspirations of the College for a higher plenitude of public service.

Dean Maceda hands to the representative of Hon. Justice Myra V. Garcia-Fernandez, newly appointed associate justice of the Court of Appeals, her certificate of appreciation for having brought pride and dignity to the College of Law and the City of Manila.

Justice Torres, chair of the PLM Board of Regents, confers the certificate of recognition upon newly appointed associate justice of the Court of Tax Appeals, Hon. Cielito N. Mindaro-Grulla. Joining them are Dean Maceda and associate dean Atty. Marisol D. Anenias.

Acting President Garayblas hands over to Atty. Venicio S. Flores a certificate in recognition of his well-deserved appointment as member of the Legal Education Board.


Associate Dean Anenias welcomes the faculty honorees, Atty. Flores and Justice Grulla.

Atty. Gladys France Palarca, PLM Court Attorney IV, welcomes faculty members of the College of Law.

Some of the well-wishers and witnesses to the testimonial and first-ever signing of the roll of attorneys of the "People's Law School."

The set of original Mont Blanc fountain pen used in signing the roll of attorneys.

Successful Bar passers sign the first page of the PLM Roll of Attorneys, which authenticity has been sealed by Dean Maceda.

Regent Jesus B. Trinos Jr., president of the PLM alumni association who belongs to the pioneer batch of 1967, congratulates and welcomes his fellow alumni who hail from the law profession as among the newest members of PLMAAI.

The new members of the Bar in a joyous huddle with their former professors who mentored them well to success.

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