Photojournal - May 2010

27-28 May 2010, ASDS 2010: The official insignia of the 2010 ASDS Committee on the 45th (Sapphire) founding anniversary of PLM. Following that of the official logo of the 2010 ASDS program, it likewise utilizes as its official colors blue, representing Sapphire as the 45-year long unbending commitment of PLM to public service, and gold, a radiant color representing excellence befitting as the birthright of PLM. The ASDS is in a diamond formation, contiguously contained in smaller diamonds of gold. Diamonds depict the enduring resiliency of the public servants in PLM that has passed the test of time. Diamonds also represent the priceless virtues of the employees, as well as the core values that they stand for which lead to no less than public service excellence.

PLM Got Talent evening segment: The superb final stroke of the opening dance salvo by the ASDS committee that rocked the house all the more. The production number has set the tone of the evening's "PLM Got Talent" group competition, and is matched by the subsequent showcase of talents that are innate to the public servants.

The 2010 ASDS Committee in full court, half of whom are chiefs of offices or directors of centers, dancing to the tune of the current staple sound track of the popular "Showtime" TV segment.

Even university officials, including those who served as event judges, gamely joined the opening production number, and shortly after in a surprise invitation from the emcees. Seeing their usually serious and busy superiors shedding off their executive suits and connecting deeply with the rank and file has all the more amplified the festive mood of the public servants preparatory to their presentation of group talents.


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