Photojournal - June 2010

17 June 2010, PLM Dance Mania 2010: Even through the night, the adrenalin of the audience keeps on picking up. Their enthusiasm cannot be dampened as they add up to the color of the night in the dance salvo blasted off by the dance crew of their respective colleges.

College of Human Development (CHD): C3

College of Engineering and Technology (CET): Knightmares

College of Nursing (CN): Groove Department

College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP): Angels Overhauled

College of Accountancy and Economics (CAE): Evolution, the 3rd place winner

College of Physical Therapy: Thera-X

College of Management and Entrepreneurship (CME): C-kat M-agaling E-xtremez

College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management (CTHTIM): Frontiers, the 2nd place winner

College of Science (CS): G-Shock

College of Mass Communication (CMC): Upbeat, the 1st place winner

The University Activity Center is again packed with a multitude of scholars, faculty, officials, and even alumni -- to eagerly witness once more the battle of the best groovers for 2010.

ADVOCACY: Dance Mania takes for its advocacy the campaign against the dreaded drug addiction that is gripping the youth all over the world. Dance moves and direct messages either depict or portray the repulsion of the PLM scholars against prohibited drugs, and the admonition to rather be addicted with productive endeavors, such as, among others, talent enhancement and studies.

The youth, when exposed to the danger of drug addiction or drug pushing, faces criminal prosecution that leads to the consignment of the rest of their life to imprisonment or, worse, possible death penalty.

A message of distress from the youth who have fallen prey to drug addiction: "Save us!"
Drug addiction among the youth is a dark reality, and PLM steps in to help curb the situation through a clear advocacy that the Supreme Student Council has taken by engaging the PLM scholars in the campaign against drug abuse and pushing. Here's the premium in all of these efforts: Saving the youth is equal to saving our future.
More important is the need to save them from the onset in the fashion of "prevention rather than to cure." Intensifying bust operations against drug production and pushing would lead to the non-availability of drug substances in the community. Simply put, there will be no market and client base if there is no product to be marketed.
Note: Foreign drug capitalists find the Philippine market lucrative and the Filipino youth prone to moral corruption, thus enticing them to transfer their base here and establish underground chemical laboratories to produce billions of dollars of prohibited drugs like "Shabu" to the peril of our youth. Curbing the root sources of the substances, coupled with moral renewal among our fellow countrymen, will prove to be a success to the never-ending and gloomy fight against substance abuse.

Their placards say it all: "Dance to the beat, not with a weed" and "Be addicted to dance, not to drugs" which are worthy components of a moral renewal among our youth as a renewed hope for a better future for them.

A drug user/pusher is apprehended in an airport by the discovery of a package of "shabu" or methamphetamine hydrochloride -- leading to the imprisonment of those who violated the law. This is a stark reminder that "no one is above the law" and that "the law applies to all; otherwise, none at all."

Members of the PLM Iskolars Dance, Incorporated rendered a special dance number, most of whom have joined their respective colleges in their competition entry earlier -- a subtle reminder that despite the competition, they can come together and move in perfect harmony as one.

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