Photojournal - February 2011

02 February 2011, PCAC unveils Kulturescope VIII-Sanlahi, Justo Albert Auditorium
Bankrolling with a free concert preview on 02 Feb, 3pm at Justo Albert Auditorium, PCAC braces for a series of future full-length shows at the Rizal National Park in May and in the Phil-Am Life Theatre in August. PCAC partners with CUES as its program beneficiary for the year.

21 February 2011, Rizal: Lies my Teacher Told Me, TOP Room
In the second synergistical presentation by PLM and MHHC, an international expert speaks on the lies about Rizal that were unfolded before our unsuspecting minds, brought either by intellectual distortion or dichotomy of history. Dr. Floro Quibuyen spoke on the solution out of this cognitive conundrum -- a cul-de-sac -- so that historical dishonesty may be prevented in the future.

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