Photojournal - June 2011

19 June 2011, Unveiling of the Jose Rizal Monument, PLM Facade
The new PLM landmark was unveiled, a memento in memory and honor of the country's national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, on the sesquicentennial (150th) celebration of his birth, a day of double significance -- a milestone at that, in the life of the premier scholars' university of the capital city of the nation, as it coincides with the University's 46th foundation day.

A snapshot shortly before the unveiling -- a tribute to and the height or culmination of the virtue of Education unmistakably observed in the life & birth of its two foremost icons:
1st, our National Hero who, in his lifetime and until his death, had advocated for Education as the true liberator of our countrymen from oppression and virulent social maladies; and
2nd, the pioneer socially-conscious institution that brought to reality the dreams & aspirations of said National Hero.

A posterity shot of Hon. Alfredo S. Lim, city mayor of Manila, presiding over the unveiling, as assisted by the Board of Regents and the Top Management Team.
The day was a day of national pride. A synergy of what has already unfolded in the darkest of times and what are yet to unfold as our nation seeks for the light -- a silver lining that would elevate our nation to the loftiest of pedestals.
It is fitting and proper that the best and the brightest of our country's youth come to the premier scholars' university of the Capital City to fulfill the true Filipino dream. Indeed, PLM is a Pioneer, a Leader, and a Model institution of learning in the Philippines.

A light moment shared by the leaders of the city university.
The birth of the University perfectly coincides with the day of the birth of the National Hero whose high regard for education as the most potent cure for virulent social ills has inspired the creation of the University. While his death, due to his patriotism and desire to free the country from the bondage of slavery and ignorance, was railroaded on the grounds of PLM, it is exactly where his dream for his countrymen sprang eternal after 7 decades -- with the birth of a premier scholars' university that was to cater to the best and the brightest of the financially-strapped spectrum of the capital city's society. Since then, 19 June has become a day of double significance to the Filipinos, especially the Manileños.

Regent Gemma Cruz-Araneta, with Rizal's relatives, after a wreath-laying tribute.
For exactly 46 years, PLM is the brightest beacon for the advocacy of our country's foremost hero. PLM is the cradle of the noble heroes whom Rizal prefers to call as "the hope of the Fatherland." It is where scholars, sharply honed of their crafts and skills, are likewise deeply steeped in golden values. This is where modern heroes are created and polished to become the finest professionals bearing the mark of a true scholar who have high regard for the welfare of their countrymen.

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