Photojournal - July 2013

19 July 2013, "New PLM regents took their oath"
Four new regents of the University join their colleagues in a posterity shot after their oath-taking:
Justice Artemio G. Tuquero (6-year term, 3rd from left)
Dean Amado D. Valdez (5-year term, 3rd from right)
Ms. Adelaida Rodriguez-Magsaysay (4-year term, 2nd from right)
Atty. Ramon Bagatsing, Jr. (3-year term, right)
The City Council of Manila has confirmed their appointment as regents by the City Mayor, in accordance with the provisions of the University Charter.
With them are the incumbent regents, Dr. Ponciano M. Menguito, DCS-Manila superintendent, and Atty. Renato C. dela Cruz.

Dr. Ponciano A. Menguito, superintendent of DCS-Manila and ex-officio regent, presides over the first meeting of the BOR, as the regential staff look on, after the new regents were sworn-in. Dean Valdez was later elected chairman, with Justice Tuquero as university president and vice-chairman.

Justice Tuquero is shown being sworn in, initially as regent, and subsequently as University President after having been elected as such pursuant to the legal provisions of the University Charter (RA 4196).
He was earlier formally sworn in by Manila City Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada at the Office of the Mayor on 03 July 2013, while the BOR officially elected him as such in accordance with the provisions of the University Charter.

Justice Tuquero is shown delivering his inaugural remarks before the various university officials after the BOR Chairman has sworn him in as the duly-elected President of the University.

After the presidential remarks, Chairman Valdez took the stand to address the heads of offices as the newly-elected head of the collegial body. President Tuquero and Regent Magsaysay look on.

The heads of the various academic and administrative offices took turns in congratulating the newly-appointed regents and the newly-elected Board officers, as well as greeting the incumbent regents.

A file photo of the university officials while waiting for the courtesy call before the new leaders of the University.

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