Photojournal - September 2014

02 September 2014, "CET alumni, headed by the CE Batch '85, spearheads the renovation of a lecture room and comfort rooms in Gusaling Villegas"
With its 30th (Pearl) anniversary of graduation at PLM next year, the Batch '85 of BS Civil Engineering graduates wanted to leave a lasting legacy to their alma mater through a donation by way of the renovation of essential facilities in PLM.
Starting with the GV-310 by the first week of October and expected to finish by early 2015, the inauguration shall coincide with the PLM's Golden anniversary next year.
The batch representatives are shown above formally presenting to the University President the design concepts which were developed since July by the Pearl jubilarian-civil engineers. The project, which is to be undertaken directly by the CET alumni, headed by the CE Batch '85, is expected to cost around P2.4-Million.

Posterity shots during the courtesy call to the President for the presentation of the design perspectives. On hand were the VP for external affairs Roberto Rosales, IT director Garry Erwin de Gracia, PDSPO chief Karen Leyson, CET dean Clydelle Rondaris, CET alumni representatives Ma. Glena C. Bagaporo-Martinez and Anthony Lopez, PLM president Artemio G. Tuquero, University & board secretary and concurrent chief legal counsel Carlos M. Carlos, VP for administration Marita Barrientos and Head executive assistant Elvira Atanacio.

A candid shot during the discussions. At far right shows the University President stressing a point to lawyer Carlos M. Carlos, PLM board secretary and chief legal counsel, as VP for administration Marita Barrientos and Head executive assistant Elvira Atanacio look on. At near left shows VP for external affairs Roberto Rosales perusing the documents prepared by Presidential assistant for special concerns Garry Erwin de Gracia.

University President Dr. Artemio G. Tuquero is shown signing the approval papers for issuing a permit by the Intramuros Administration.
Inspired by the earlier donation by Accenture of the Ideas Exchange Room (IER) where its planning and coordination meetings were conducted since July 2014, the CE Alumni Group is poised to replicate this undertaking for the benefit of the scholars.
As with the IER, the CE Alumni Group is coordinating this closely with the PLM Alumni Association, Inc. headed by lawyer Omar Francisco. The room adjacent to the IER was chosen as the location for the innovative lecture room.

The batch representatives are shown witnessing the stamping of the presidential approval on its concept proposal. Anthony Lopez (2nd from left) and Ma. Glena C. Bagaporo-Martinez (left) have represented the batch that has been planning for a few months before the courtesy call.
Garry Erwin de Gracia (right), PLM's program director for institutional linkages, has been coordinating the project with the alumni group at the outset.

Photo Credits:
Special thanks to the official photo contributor from the College of Mass Communication:
Jonathan Flores

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