Photojournal - August 2017

2017 August 10, Plaza Roma, Intramuros: Para La Musica concert series
Bring in those closest to your heart and listen to well-loved classical and Filipino musical compositions at the center of historic Intramuros with the launching of the new concert series "Para La Musica" today! A joint venture of the Intramuros Administration and the Department of Tourism, it features the PLM Executive Chorale and the PLM Artists-in-Residence in its maiden concert this 5pm at the Plaza Roma (in front of the Manila Cathedral)!   ::

Posing for photo op after the successful maiden concert of Para La Musica are the PLM Executive Chorale and Atty. Guiller Asido of Intramuros Administration. This is another milestone for the University and the Intramuros Administration. The partnership aims to bring cultural performances for uplifting the soul. The next concert is on September 14 which will feature Jazz music.

PLM Executive Chorale in action. The PLM Executive Chorale with Ms. Maribel Ararao, conductor, and Prof. Harold Galang, on the piano, as they sing their finale song, Fill the World with Love, during their maiden performance in Para La Musica concert series at Plaza Roma, Intramuros.   ::

Photo Credits:
Special thanks to the photo contributors: The President's Committee on Arts, Culture and Sports (PCACS), and the Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs (OVPPA).

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