PLM Pride Hall


Profile of a Model

The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila prides itself of an endless resource of unsung heroes, intellectual prowess, talent wonders and epitomes of virtues. While they may not wish to be dazzled by the glare of limelight and rather wish to shy away in low profile, it is but proper that apt recognition be accorded their feats, however modest, so that their examples may serve as an inspiration for others to emulate or even surpass.

Pioneered on 19 January 2010, exactly on the 9th monthsary of the first uploading of the official website and on the 7th monthsary of its official launch, it is aimed at boosting the morale of the stakeholders of PLM and at inspiring cultural change among themselves. Collectively, the sense of excellence among PLMayers can make an endless difference.

On its maiden release, there is no other apt face to feature than that of the recent awardee as model employee of the year -- as we envision this webpage to be an unceasing beacon of excellence, dignity and pride. Successively, more PLM stakeholders will be featured along its birthing tradition of giving recognition to outstanding virtues, big or small, with the aim of inspiring others to continuously achieve a higher level of (professional or academic) standard, deeper commitment to excellence, and wider plenitude of understanding the world, its inhabitants and its future.