University Recognition

The University Recognition Committee, a regular committee under the University Graduation Committee, calls for nominations to the annual awards at stake.

To know more about the guidelines, criteria and requirements for the 2010 University Recognition, pls. download here. Said provisions may be modified as the need arises and may not be applicable for the succeeding years.

Based on the approved criteria, submission of entries is usually on mid-February of every year. Pls. coordinate with your college deans and college secretaries for updates.

Based on above criteria, the list of awardees for the 2010 University Recognition can be downloaded here.

Golden Harvests
The Committee also recognizes the feats earned by alumni in the industry or in any field (arts, science, research, etc.) that bring pride, honor and dignity to their alma mater. Pls. submit your entries to the Committee soonest, thru your respective colleges, with complete details so that evaluation may be made by the Committee. Alumni's feats for 2011 Recognition must have been earned from 05 March 2010 to 04 March 2011.

Sample feats
(fictitious samples only, not actual data):
1. Elected/appointed President of Google Inc., the worldwide leader in electronic search; first Asian and Filipino to be appointed to the position.
2. Selected/appointed by the Queen of the United Kingdom, HM Queen Elizabeth II, as personal physician for exemplary professionalism in the field of medicine; first Asian and Filipino to handle the crucial responsibility.
3. Appointed ambassador to the Royal Court of Spain by the President of the Philippines; so far the youngest to be accredited by the Monarch of the Kingdom of Spain.
4. Directed a film that won the Golden Palm award in the Cannes International Film Festival in France; first awardee from the Philippines.
5. Clinched the much-coveted post of top chef in the White House; the first-ever Asian and Filipino to reach the highest rank of food connoisseur.

Pls. attach a more substantive detail in your submittals. Thank you.