The Campus Ministry

To enliven and sustain the students’ faith in life, the Campus Ministry regularly conducts chapelreflective readings and sharings on the gospels, facilitates liturgical services, retreats and recollections. It also sponsors Archdiocesan Marian Week activities, vocation promotion and aligns itself with other activities in the archdiocese. The Shrine of Jesus the Divine Teacher (University Chapel) serves as the landmark of the presence of Campus Ministry in PLM where afternoon masses are being held. Adjacent to it is the ministry’s office with a Multi Purpose Hall where students conduct bible studies, household meetings, and counseling, among other activities.

Contemporarily, the Campus Ministry conducts regular masses every Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon. Sponsored masses by colleges and offices are also welcome on other days. Recollection are also conducted on regulars days based on the availability of the participants. Retreats are held outside the campus for extended days.

The chapel was blessed and inaugurated by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, Archbishop of Manila, on 17 December 1990.

PLM ChapelChapel