The Engineering Laboratory Services Unit

The Engineering Laboratories serve as venue for laboratory classes of the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) students. It houses a wide array of equipment, apparatuses and gadgets that are nominated for acquisition by the faculty to complement the theories taught in the classroom lectures.

The ELSU caters to the various engineering courses of CET, among which are those under the departments of electronics and communications engineering, the electrical engineering, the computer engineering, the mechanical and manufacturing engineering, and the civil engineering.

Each floor of the right wing of the Gusaling Villegas has an engineering laboratory, with those at the higher floors located exactly at the top of the other. These are connected by a major ladder right outside of the laboratory rooms. Laboratory 1 is located at the ground floor, and similarly, Laboratory 2 and Laboratory 3 are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, respectively.

SWEEP Laboratory (formerly Laboratory 3)
Smart Philippines entered into an agreement with PLM and implemented its educational corporate social responsibility (CSR) advocacy of Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP) in PLM. PLM allocated a space inside the Laboratory 3 for the radio equipment of Smart's cellsite tower. Smart converted the Laboratory 3 and installed aircon units for the benefit of the students, and PLM renamed Laboratory 3 into SWEEP Laboratory. A PLM-Smart friendship marker is installed at the SWEEP room inside the SWEEP Laboratory.