Dugong Alay, Dugtong Buhay

Voluntary Blood Donation Program (VBDP)

General Policy Statement

Consistent with RA 7719 and as PLM envisions to be a “people-caring university” dynamically engaged in meaningful, responsive and sustainable community development that are geared towards the transformation of empowered individuals and communities who shall serve as agents of change and catalysts in nation building, PLM will promote and encourage voluntary blood donation to provide adequate, safe, affordable and equitable distribution of blood and blood products to selected beneficiaries.

The program aims to:
Promote a culture of voluntary blood donation at PLM as a humanitarian act and a gesture of corporate social responsibility;
Promote an accessible and efficient system of blood donation at PLM to ensure adequate, safe, affordable and equitable distribution of supply of blood and blood products to the PLM community and its selected beneficiaries; and
Establish a well-organized, university-wide coordinated blood donation service that can provide adequate and timely supplies of safe blood for the PLM community and its selected beneficiaries.

Bloodletting proper is scheduled on 20 July 2010 at the University Activity Center.

Pre-launch Countdown
A set of pre-launch countdown events is slated as part of the awareness campaign, such as:
1. 13 July 2010: A commemorative tarp unveiling; PLM main entrance
2. 15, 16 & 19 July 2010: 3-day blood screening for potential donors; PLM Clinic and main lobby
3. 19 July 2010: Band rendition by a volunteer group; PLM University Activity Center

Monthly Bloodletting Schedule
Cluster 1: 26 August 2010 - CPT, CTHTIM, CHD and CAE
Cluster 2: 16 September 2010 - CM, CET, CAUP and COPERS
Cluster 3: 3rd week of October 2010 - Admin, GSASE, ALP, BGY
Cluster 4: 3rd week of November 2010 - CN, CME, CMC CS