eLarawan Digital Portfolio Contest

eLarawan: A convergence of social advocacies for Gender Equality and Empowerment, Anti-Climate Change and Social Responsibility.

A digital photo scrapbook/portfolio contest illustrating the theme:
"Women Weathering Climate Change: A Governance and Accountability, Everyone's Responsibility"

The advocacy is a fulcrum for the most sensitive issues to humankind nowadays.

Winners shall be chosen generally by text votes and by judging.
To vote, follow the poll syntax and send to the official PLM InfoBoard (700-PLM) as indicated, using your official PLM SIM or any Smart or Talk N Text SIM.
Anyone can vote, including scholars and outsiders.
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Cluster 1
Cluster 1                                                            To vote: Type ELARAWAN POLL 1. Send to 700756
The grandeur of Nature is visible in all of Creation -- in the blades of grass, in the thick foliage, in life-renewing streams. But we have not been responsible stewards of this boon; we are, in fact, to be blamed for much of destruction around us. Notice, however, how creation and procreation are continuously celebrated in the bodies of women. Like women whose capacity for nurturance is boundless, so can Nature continuously renew, but our commitment is needed to ensure the survival of all human and natural creations.

Cluster 2
Cluster 2                                                            To vote: Type ELARAWAN POLL 2. Send to 700756
A collection of photos that demonstrate a deviation from the classic picture of what woman can do. Normally we will portray women as someone who are known to care for our needs. They are experts in making our homes neat and tidy. We find comfort in their loving arms. Women equipped with special talents to nurture our needs. This portfolio depicts the ability of the women in general to withstand the changing times. Women nowadays dramatically shift our beliefs on their capabilities being women. They are now more visible in men dominated occupations, equally competing with the male species. Women who are engaged in these careers exhibit excellence, thus creating a niche for themselves. Women are created with high degree of endurance, a unique trait especially crafted for women to endure varying situations and struggles with elegance and power of a woman.

Cluster 3
Cluster 3                                                            To vote: Type ELARAWAN POLL 3. Send to 700756
With their creativity and resourcefulness, women can contribute significantly in building communities which can withstand the effects of climate change. Thus, this portfolio show some important ways of how women, with the help of other community members, can get involved in reducing disaster risks and adapting to the changes brought by global warming. Women can initiate planning activities that will tackle strategies in reducing the adverse effects of calamities to people. These strategies, as shown in the photos, include awareness, preparation and adaptation actions as responsibilities of everyone. People should be provided with programs that will make them aware of the ongoing climate change and its damages to the communities. Through the assistance of various government agencies, they should be prepared for disasters like flooding, huge fires, severe droughts, and strong typhoons. In terms of adaptation measures, women can also lead in implementing environmental projects such as waste management, promotion of green parks and tree-planting.

Cluster 4V
Cluster 4                                                            To vote: Type ELARAWAN POLL 4. Send to 700756
V (viral) movement is taking the lead for an awesome future. Cluster 4's portfolio is showing how a little and simple steps can contribute to create a huge impact in making a change in our future. We are represented by super heroes to encourage young minds that by doing right actions, their contribution for our future will surely have a positive effect for the rapid change and reverse the global warming into an awesome world. Emphasizing that the costumes are made of plastic bags and recyclable materials to promote our advocacy as the V movement heroes.

Cluster 5
Cluster 5                                                            To vote: Type ELARAWAN POLL 5. Send to 700756
TIME is an entity that links our past, builds our present, and crafts our future. Our country being highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of CLIMATE CHANGE, such as increase in temperature and sea level rise, continues to adapt by focusing more on human welfare and sustainability. These efforts are done from all sectors of the society with women, having sensible commitment to it regardless of AGE, PROFESSION and CONVICTIONS. The portfolio depicts how women of PLM actually partake in pursuing actions leading to achieving such goals. Faculty, Staff and Administrators accept the challenge of being responsible residents of this beloved "Earth." May each continue to put our best efforts in taking care of our environment, since it is the only one we have. May we learn from the lessons of the past, strive harder in the present and move forward having a strong sense of ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for the future.