The Student Organizations

Supreme Student Council (SSC)
The student government at PLM is the Supreme Student Council, governed by a set of student-officers elected directly by the general student population. It is presided by the president and assisted by the vice-president through the public relations officer, including college representatives from the various undergraduate colleges and professional schools.

The college representatives are voting members of the SSC, serving as the voice and apt representation of the scholars in the colleges in the policy- and decision-making activities of the SSC.

College Student Councils (CSCs)
Aside from the SSC, which acts as the central student body, there are college-based student councils that cater to the specific needs of the studentry within the college.

Scholars are the main direct clientele of the University, and as such, scholars occupy a preferred position in the highest hierarchy of the most important stakeholders of the University. Hence, they are accorded preferrential treatment by the various offices and colleges of PLM, especially the Top Management Team that oversees the implementation of academic and non-academic program in its pursuit of honing the best scholars in the country.

Representations of the studentry with the Top Management are reposed on the shoulder of the SSC and college student councils, through direct and open dialogues with the University President and the Executive Vice President. The student leaders articulate the various concerns of their constituency before the Top Management. The participative involvement of students in shaping up student policies through open communication is a hallmark of the policy-direction of the Top Management Team as regard to student welfare and well-being. The Office of Student Development & Services (OSDS) facilitates the resolution to the various concerns enunciated by the student leaders.

Student Political Parties
There are 3 university-wide student political parties, namely, Bukluran Party, Ang Partidong Tugon and Ayos! Party, that annually participate in the student council elections. Tracing its roots from the former Sandigan Party, Bukluran was founded in 1995, while Tugon started in 1991 and Ayos! in 2002.

The Bukluran and Tugon are broad political student alliances, with Bukluran Students' Alliance-Integrated Students' Organization (Bukluran-ISO) and Tugon-Responding Students for Community Undertakings and Edification (Tugon-RESCUE) as their full name. Meanwhile, Ayos! has disintegrated in recent times and was fully decimated starting 2009.

Student Organizations

The Office of Student Development & Services has issued the 2013 List of Accredited Student Organizations. Download it here: »

Academic Organizations

  • Alliance of Students for Tourism Assimilation and Respondence (All-Star)
  • Astronomical Society (AS)
  • Biological Society (Bio-Soc)
  • Brotherhood of Medical Scholars (BMS)
  • Cadet Teachers’ Organization (CTO)
  • Chemical Society (Chem-Soc)
  • Computer Engineering Students’ Society (COESS)
  • Chemical Engineering Students’ Society (CHESS)
  • Computer Studies Students’ Circle (CSSC)
  • Economics Society (Eco-Soc)
  • Electronics Engineering Student’s Society (ECESS)
  • Engineering Mathematical Society (EMS)
  • Engineering through Imagination and Research Academic Society (EIRAS)
  • Integrated Council of Business Managers (ICBM)
  • Junior Entrepreneurs’ Society (JES)
  • Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX)
  • Junior Institute of Electrical Engineers (JIEE)
  • Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP)
  • Junior Marketing Association (JMA)
  • Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS)
  • Mass Communication Students’ League (MCLS)
  • Lingap para sa Kalusugan ng Sambayanan (LIKAS)
  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)
  • Mathematical Society (Math-Soc)
  • Medical Alliance Rendering Service to Fellowmen (MARSF)
  • Medical Union for Service (MUS)
  • Microcontrollers and Robotics Society (MICROS)
  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)
  • Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME)
  • Philomedica Scientia (PMS)
  • Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PICHE)
  • Physical Education Majors Society (PEMS)
  • Psychological Society (Psy-Soc)
  • Public Relations Student Society of the Philippines (PRSSP)
  • Social Work Society (SWS)
  • Society of Hospitality Industry’s Next Elites (SHINE)
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
  • Teacher Education Society (TES)
  • United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA)

University-Wide Organizations

  • BUKLURAN Students’ Alliance – Integrated Students’ Organization (BSA-ISO)
  • Marulaya (Magwayen) Creative Scholars’ Guild (MCSG)
  • Football Club Pamantasan
  • PLM Firebrands
  • The PLM Speech and Debate Society (SPADE)
  • PLM Iskolars Dance Incorporated
  • Red Cross Youth Council (RCYC)
  • The Lightbearer Society
  • TUGON-Responding Students for Community Undertakings and Edification (TUGON-RESCUE)

Religious Organizations

  • Achievers in Mission-Campus Ministry (AIM-CM)
  • Bible Reader’s Society of the Philippines (BREAD Society)
  • Christ’s Youth in Action (CYA)
  • Christian Brotherhood International (CBI)
  • Christ’s Medical Circle (CMC)
  • Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan (KKB)
  • Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM)
  • Seeds of the Nation (SONS)
  • Student Catholic Action (SCA)

College Student Councils

  • Supreme Student Council (SSC)
  • College of Management and Entrepreneurship – Student Council (CME-SC)
  • College of Accountancy and Economics – Student Council (CAE-SC)
  • College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management – Student Council (CTHTIM-SC)
  • College of Engineering and Technology – Student Council (CET-SC)
  • College of Architecture and Urban Planning – Student Council (CAUP-SC)
  • College of Human Development – Student Council (CHD-SC)
  • College of Medicine – Student Council
  • College of Nursing – Student Council (CN-SC)
  • College of Science – Student Council (CS-SC)
  • College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports – Student Council (COPERS-SC)
  • College of Physical Therapy – Student Council (CPT-SC)
  • College of Mass Communication – Student Council (CMC-SC)
  • College of Law – Student Council (CL-SC)