Student Manual

PLM Student ManualThe PLM Student Manual
Official Scholar's Handbook

The new PLM Student Manual is now available to the public. This handbook serves as a comprehensive guide for every PLM scholar in his/her stay in the university. It contains all the information the scholars need to know about the student rules and regulations, student organizations, student discipline, academic policies, and other related directives. This handbook is a revised version of the Total Student Development Manual that was created in 2003.

The updating of the handbook was spearheaded by the Student Handbook Revision Committee, established by virtue of the President's Administrative Order No. 7, s.2008 dated 08 April 2008. It was the intention of the University President that key guidelines are codified and widely disseminated for the guidance of the stakeholders, in deep contrast to the absence of such important documents for almost over two (2) decades, the clamor for which was dominant among the leading sentiments of the scholars and student political parties.

This handbook hopes to inculcate in the students the values and morals necessary for a student to achieve maturity, confidence and self-esteem. It also aims to inspire the students to become reputable members of the academic community while molding them to become responsible citizens of the society in the future.

This handbook is the contribution of the Committee in guiding the students and student organizations toward greater empowerment and service. As the Pamantasan renews itself to meet the challenges of education, of the nation and of the global community towards the 21st Century, the University commits itself proactively to the challenges of ministering the youth, particularly in developing students in their quest for becoming persons and communities that are fully integrated, wholly Christian and truly Filipino, enabling them to respond to the call of service and leadership.

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