Student Publications

As a scholars' university, PLM recognizes the pivotal role of the free exchange of ideas in enriching the realms of learning in the portals of the academe. Through an intelligent appreciation of issues and deeper, even scientific, exposition of available facts, as well as the fermentation of opinions and ideas, the PLM community gives more luster to the formation of scholarly values. This is achieved through the exercise of freedom of campus journalism and expression of free speech as guaranteed by the civil liberties enshrined in the Philippine Constitution and the Campus Journalism Act, subject only to the limitation of pertinent laws that guarantee the equal protection of the rights of others as a hallmark of true democracy.

There are a number of student publications in the University, foremost among which is the university-wide student publication. Each college has likewise published its own which caters to the specific needs and peculiar rudiments of the profession/s under that college, notable of which are those itemized below. There were other issues that the college may have published in the past, as shown in enclosures.

University-wide Student Publication: Ang Pamantasan
College of Engineering & Technology: CET Technik (Engineering Newsletter)
College of Law: PLM Law Gazette Vol. I No. 2, Vol. III No. 1