PLM continuously engages itself on a great deal of developing and dynamically empowering its human resources. Various programs with emphasis on intellect-driven foundations and technology-enabling services are being developed and implemented through its various instrumentalities with the Human Resource Development Office as the lead agency.

The PLM Administration firmly believes that it is imperative that each employee is accorded the widest latitude of expanding his horizons and optimizing his innate talents through well-rounded incentives that will give premium and importance to his professional growth and well-being.

With the full and staunch support on its human resources development programs and to the well-being of its employees taking the center stage of its values, the PLM Administration counts heavily on the innovative character and the highest sense of values of the employees to make the efficient and effective delivery of quality services as the centerpiece of their affiliation, bonding and homogeneity with the Pamantasan community.

With the recognition and appreciation that the pool of its human resource is the university's greatest asset as well as its key partner in successfully achieving a  university dedicated to the ideals of true scholarship, research and public service, the University President challenges them to rise up to the ideals of an outstanding civil service that is not merely worthy of emulation and recognition, but something that is second to none -- a mark of what the Pamantasan service has always been known for.

A synergy of action and a congruence of the thrust and direction between and among the Top Management and the employees would surely redound to an exceptional and first-rate kind of service which can be matched only by their utmost dedication to duty and their devotion to the upliftment of the prestige and esteemed stature of PLM.