Facilities Enhancement Program

Complementing the efforts at maintaining the buildings and grounds are legacy undertakings that mark the face-lifting of the University into a vibrant, safe and productive environment that is conducive to optimal learning.

Thorough refurbishing of existing facilities that would impact on the welfare and well-being of the PLM community were also given due course. These include the repair of the school gymnasium, the creation of a faculty lounge, a health and wellness center, a first-rate cafeteria and air-conditioned classrooms. Various offices and colleges also saw the renovation of their service areas to improve their delivery of public services.

Elevator for the highest building
Too elusive, lack of funds, or totally forgotten -- whatever could have caused its delay -- the long impasse was finally broken! After a 4-decade lull, this iconic building is no longer an orphan from its long-awaited elevator. Now in service with its matching service operator, it alleviates the plight of scholars, faculty and staff members who are plying the steep stairs of the 7-storey building many times daily. Carried out and completed during the stint of one of the shortest-serving presidents, it is simply amusing that Adel Tamano was able to accomplish in so short a time what had been planned for since about 40 years before.

GV Facade Facelift
An endless source of pride that it is, the facade of the oldest edifice in PLM had been propped up to exude the glory and grandeur of PLM’s unbridled reputation as a model scholars’ university in the country. A metal University Seal was installed on the right which was balanced on the left by the PLM’s signature mark, “The People’s University.” At the top center, PLM’s official name in English, as appearing in the University Charter, lays at the bottom of its Filipino translation.

The Eternal Flame of Excellence, another leading iconic symbol of PLM’s enduring prestige, is now dotted along the inner rotunda by park benches which accentuated the balanced landscaping of the façade grounds. Guests of scholars and employees may relax here and enjoy the landscape and the soft breeze of the Manila bay ruffling through the nearby walls of Intramuros.

The front gates on both sides of Muralla and General Luna streets are now flung open and allow entrants a semblance of a free way to the main lobby of Gusaling Villegas. Vehicles may now unload passengers with convenience and grace, free from the scorching sun or smearing rain. The two (2) front gates are up for renovation to harmonize with and complete the transformation of the facade.

Revolutionizing the Canteen
Taking one's meal to dampen and pep up a weary body is a basic necessity three, or even five, times a day. To make the dining experience pleasurable for everyone, and not merely to fill in one’s stomach under an unpleasant environment, Adel Tamano aimed to clean up and turn the canteen into a first-rate cafeteria. Gone were the days when scholars have to be drenched with sweat under the hot, humid and hardly-ventilated canteen. No more smelling like pancit canton, which was the most commonly sold instantly cooked food in the past.

Now, scholars, employees and even guests can savor the most nutritious yet affordable full meals and sumptuous snacks. The prices were controlled thru a price ceiling. This was made possible only because, as a matter of public service, the PLM Management opted to subsidize the high cost of utilities that could have padded the cost of foods -- which burden would be passed on to the hapless and helpless scholars. Scholars have limited means, or none at all, of fending off for themselves to buy nutritious foods around.

Today, the new canteen boasts of its high-chair, cocktail-like dining tables for scholars, and a special lounging area for faculty, staff and guests with matching open lavatory for sanitation and grooming, and a purified water dispenser to quench that thirst. Indeed, the new canteen is a development that catches everyone's eyes.

Renovation of various offices and facilities
As frontline service units of the University, many offices and colleges have either undergone major rehabilitation or assignment of new and better spaces so as to optimize their service excellence. These include the colleges of nursing, mass communication, physical therapy, architecture, human development, tourism and the learning center for toddlers; and the offices of research center, procurement, guidance center, security, ROTC, registrar, student development, employees' cooperative, property, information technology center, the main and law libraries, and the Bulwagang Manilenyo. Other facilities were also established, like the new moot court of the College of Law and the physical therapy clinic. The Rajah Sulayman Gymnasium was also renovated to cater to the sports and recreational needs of the University. The seating capacity of the Speech Lab was also increased to achieve a 1:1 student to facility ratio.

Installation of the Flag pole complex
To ascribe appropriate respect to the emblems of our nation, an elevated platform for 3 big flag poles was constructed. The platform comes with a landscaped surrounding and teeming with corner pole lights that give an air of utmost reverence to our national, city and school flags. The aura rekindles our deep sense and passion for nationalism and patriotism with dignity, pride and honor.

Establishment of the University Cafe (Cafe Mar y Muros)
The University Cafe was established to give the College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management the capacity to run a financially-viable learning laboratory at the least operating cost. The Café serves as a showcase to get private sectors interested and help the University in its bid to acquire Hotel Intramuros to strengthen the CTHTIM curricular programs.

Renovation of comfort rooms and installation of soap dispensers and hand dryers
To ensure hygiene and convenience in using the rest rooms for one's most private needs or regimens, renovation of all comfort rooms were taken care of. These were also installed with soap dispensers to ensure that the most communicable illnesses are controlled through germ-free hands and environment. Hand dryers are also being acquired to complement the soap dispensers in ensuring a clean and healthy living.

Integrated Walkway
With the buildings separate from each other, walking around the campus has become a pain, either under the scorching heat of the sun or under the soaking mercy of the rain. To protect the scholars, employees and guests, as well as their belongings, all buildings are now interconnected by a walkway. Everyone can now freely travel from one building to another, in and out, under any environmental condition.

Drinking fountains at strategic areas
Potable water is among the most basic needs of every human being. To beef up the only two (2) existing drinking fountains in the entire multi-building campus (excluding the water dispensers in the new University Canteen), the University will initially install 12 additional units at strategic areas which are frequented by scholars and employees.