Library Internet station gets prop Up

08 June 2009

University Chief Librarian Rebecca M. Jocson is ecstatic to meet the scholars this new school year as the Internet station was prepared for the school opening. Working in tandem with the Information Technology Center (ITC) and the Physical Development & Special Projects Office (PDSPO), the area gets a facelift as new workstation booths were fabricated to house the computers. Electrical lines and the local area network were installed to accommodate the new design and orientation.

Since March 2009, University President Atty. Adel A. Tamano directly managed the facility improvement at the Library’s Internet station as the University embarks for the then-upcoming school year. The President noted that with the donation of the alumni and other benefactors, as well as the latest and on-going acquisitions of the University for this purpose, it is high time that the area is likewise improved as a token for the continued efforts of the scholars to achieve a higher level of academic excellence. Further, the President underscored that this is also a way of welcoming the upcoming freshmen, through better facilities, for the enrichment of their scholarship at PLM.

Priority Program for Scholars' benefit
The provisioning of free Internet access to PLM scholars is one of the earliest and top priority programs under the administration of Tamano. In less than a month after his assumption in August 2007, a modest beginning of at least four (4) units were immediately set-up along the Periodicals Section. Today, it has grown into double-four, or 44, desktops, and more are coming in. With the relocation of the Periodicals Section and the Office of the Chief Librarian, the whole area was converted for the exclusive use of the Internet station with a total capacity of 60 computers.

President Tamano hopes that the positive gains as an offshoot of this project would encourage more alumni to support this undertaking as the new breed of scholars stand to benefit immensely. He also thanked the patrons and supporters of this project because it has ignited a spirit never seen yet at PLM. Through this project, the alumni found an avenue to express their gratitude to their alma mater for opening a path to productive life and prosperous future. Simple as the aim was, this project gives more luster to the yearnings of the financially-disadvantaged scholars to bring into reality their hopes and dreams of a brighter future ahead of them, not only for themselves, but for their families and extended communities as well.