PLM gets more Internet bandwidth

17 September 2009

In anticipation of a higher demand for internet access come the deployment of the Integrated Communications System in October 2009 that is envisioned to immensely benefit the academic/non-academic community, the IT Center recommended to acquire a high bandwidth to augment the current full-E1 line (2048kbps burstible to 4096kbps). A new 2xE1 line (4096kbps) has been requested to be in full service by November 2009, the new ITC director, Engr. Garry Erwin N. de Gracia, has revealed.

Connecting the entire university -- through a converged technology of wired, wireless and other advance systems -- would bring PLM into a higher dimension of intellectual leverage, as well as public service excellence. President Tamano envisioned a university that follows the footsteps of his alma mater, the Harvard University, in terms of academic and non-academic services. While essentially a private institution, Harvard University does not differ from PLM which is a public university, -- both being a school of learning and a mettle for scholarship.

Opening and further widening the access of PLM scholars to the Internet, as an optimal source of knowledge through its wealth of global information, is the brainchild of President Tamano. Bridging the gap on the aperture to ICT services between PLM scholars and the well-off students of other leading universities is a dream that he believes is not impossible to achieve. With the right management priority and an unwavering intent to give the PLM scholars better facilities and deserved services, President Tamano is confident that much milestone can be achieved by PLM like what the other schools, locally and abroad, have successfully done.