PLM-customized SIMs distributed to the PLM community

30 September 2009

Personalized PLM SIM: A source of a privileged pride and honor
PLM's special partnership with SMART yielded a range of benefits for the PLM community, especially the scholars and public servants. From 21 to 25 September 2009, SMART distributed PLM-customized subscriber's identity modules (SIMs) at the University Activity Center.

Around 3,000 scholars, staff, faculty members and other important internal stakeholders have availed of their own PLM SIM during the first wave of distribution. They received the maiden text broadcasts from the PLM InfoBoard. Text broadcasts, which ordinarily are charged to the subscribers, were received for free through the generosity of SMART upon the intercession of the IT Director. PLM will be a beneficiary of an extended free text broadcast as SMART highly considers the fact that PLM is a scholars' university that caters to intelligent yet financially-strapped youth of Manila.

The importance of and need for the PLM InfoBoard and the PLM SIM were underscored and recognized by the student leaders during the general assembly convened by President Adel Tamano on 06 July 2009. The student leaders were excited to avail of the benefits of broadcasting relevant announcements especially the prompt suspension of classes due to inclement weathers.

As if destiny is out to prove the worth of this technological innovation, merely a day after the last day of the SIM distribution, the cataclysmic super-typhoon "Ondoy," which is far more lethal than the "Katrina" of the United States, has devastated the metropolis. Those who availed of their PLM SIMs have instantly benefited from the features of this innovative project. They received instant notifications of suspension of classes and critical updates that were blasted off thru the PLM InfoBoard. As an offshot of this scenario, another wave of distribution was scheduled as more future recipients were to realize the great importance of this project.

President Adel Tamano personally monitored the distribution at the UAC where scholars expressed their utmost appreciation to the President for bringing the much-needed technological advances to the University. The scholars were elated to note that the welfare and well-being of all his constituents are foremost in the President's advocacies. President Tamano assured them that more innovations and breakthroughs are coming in. He also revealed before select student leaders that the much-awaited university-wide Wi-Fi access is already operational and that he will make the appropriate announcement in due time.

The projects sponsored by development partners like SMART, among others, are widely considered as among the legacy projects of President Tamano. These projects enjoy the wide support of and acceptance by the PLM community.

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