President Tamano takes a leave; OICs formally take over

05 October 2009

President Adel Tamano formally takes an extended leave of absence effective today thru a request officially approved by the Board of Regents and the Mayor of the city of Manila. He designated Atty. Rafaelito M. Garayblas, Secretary to the Mayor of Manila and concurrent Executive Vice President of PLM, as officer-in-charge (OIC) of the Office of the President. Similarly, Atty. Patrick L. Mariano, University Legal Counsel and concurrent Deputy Executive Vice President, was elevated as OIC of the Office of the Executive Vice President. Said designations were released on 28 September 2009.

As OIC, Atty. Garayblas is authorized to approve operational expenditures, purchase orders, disbursement vouchers, payrolls, cash advances, transfer of funds and the renewal of time deposit with the LBP. For his part, Atty. Mariano is authorized to perform the powers and functions appurtenant to the position of the Executive Vice President.

In a related development, Ms. Mila V. Dominguez, HRM Officer IV, was also designated as OIC of the Human Resource Development Office effective on even date. She was chosen on the basis of her qualification and competence in conjunction with her incumbent post as the qualified next-in-rank officer.