PLM Centralized Printing Service launched

08 October 2009

The PLM Centralized Printing Service is another addition to the full-range of services for our scholars that carries a highly-subsidized/discounted printing service and boasts of quality color and B/W laser printers.

Seminal Concept
PLM is primarily a service-oriented institution. As such, the University has taken a milestone direction towards providing relevant services supportive of the scholarship needs of the scholars and their instructors. Among these is the beefing up of the Internet Station at the University Library.

At present, the Internet Station caters to the Internet needs of the faculty and scholars for free. Additionally, there are few units for composing articles and other academic pursuits aimed at substantially reducing, if not totally eliminating, the costs incurred by our scholars in renting at commercial cafés outside the campus.

To further stretch the scholarly benefits an extra mile and complete the range of benefits for our city scholars, a printing service was established as another way of sustaining academic excellence. This benefits-enhancement program will prove to be beneficial to the scholars and other important internal stakeholders of the University.

Program Management
As a leading partner of the Top Management in conceptualizing and implementing innovative benefits for the scholars and other internal stakeholders, the IT Center is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge service support to the University's various operations. The management of the centralized printing service, as any other innovative undertakings, is lodged upon the IT Center.

President Adel Tamano led the inauguration and launching inside the IT Center at 4:00pm in simple but meaningful ceremonies attended by the program beneficiaries -- the university officials, staff, faculty members and student leaders. Blessing of the IT Center and the PLM Centralized Printing Service by a parish priest ensued.

The President's speech shortly followed which underscored, among others, the main intention of the program: "After availing of the benefits of free internet access at the Library Internet Station, scholars need not endure anymore the difficulties of leaving the premises of PLM and hurdle the troubles of travelling under the scorching heat of the sun or under the unforgiving mercy of the rain. Right inside the premises of the University is a printing service that carries the best or cheapest rates with the highest quality of a colored laser print." He also emphasized that this is not intented to be a source of income-generation for the University, but a purely service-oriented program which is why it is subsidized so as to provide an optimal service to the internal stakeholders of the University.

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