Board of Regents welcomes new member

13 November 2009

The incumbent members of the Board of Regents has a new colleague in its 425th regular meeting today. Lawyer Renato G. dela Cruz formally started his stint as regent after the City Council of Manila has ratified its Resolution No. 202 on 27 October 2009, affixing its concurrence on his appointment by Mayor Alfredo S. Lim. Republic Act No. 4196, otherwise known as the University Charter, prescribes the concurrence of the City Council as a prerequisite to the effectivity of a regential appointment. His term is from 23 June 2009 to 22 June 2015. The same law confers a fixed term of six (6) years to regential appointees.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Justo P. Torres Jr., Chairman of the Board of Regents, led the Board in welcoming Regent Dela Cruz. His appointment leaves the Board with only two (2) vacancies left after Regent Jose M. Roy's expiration of term last June 2009. Regent Roy chose not to serve on a hold-over capacity as is the practice of the Board in the past, so as to give the Mayor a free hand in selecting a regent with a fresh appointment.

The Board of Regents is the governing body of PLM which has the sole authority to set the policies and guidelines in administering the affairs of the University as a chartered institution.

Regent Dela Cruz is the incumbent city legal officer of the city of Manila.