PLM bids adieu to the "Legacy President"

23 November 2009

Thanking one of the shortest presidencies for instituting a wide-ranging legacy development program that marked a great impact to PLM, the entire PLM community observed a milestone send-off event for President Adel Tamano on 23 November 2009 at the University Activity Center (UAC).

With the theme, "Isang Pagsaludo sa aming Mahal na Pangulo," the program was participated in by the entire PLM community. The scholars, staff, faculty and alumni flocked to the UAC to personally thank President Tamano and wish him the best of blessings from the Almighty. Joining the event were external organizations whose members' lives Tamano has touched as PLM president.

Overwhelmingly loved by the PLM community and considered as the "best President the PLM ever had" even in so short a time that he had served, Tamano said that it was he who should thank PLM and its stakeholders. Tamano underscored that was it not for PLM, he would not have fully understood the lessons on leadership which, for the longest time, he had been teaching in various universities. Tamano admits that it was through his leadership in PLM, which is considered by the constituents as transformational, that he fully learned through actual practice the highest form of true public service.

As a hands-on president who mingled with his constituents at the grassroots level as a regular routine, he was able to understand the plight of his people through open and unrestricted consultations. From there, he was able to define the legacy that he was to leave through a development thrust that brought deep empowering impact to his constituency.

Tamano outlined the top 10 things that he will remember and miss most in his presidency at PLM. As the countdown went on, the thrill of knowing the thoughts and sentiments of the outgoing President was enormous among the audience. Notable were the landmark legacy projects that he implemented during his short reign in the University. At the top of his list was "the PLM students" whom he believes are the best and the brightest. Ironically though, PLM scholars seem not to believe to possess the gift of wisdom, Tamano added. He exorted the PLM scholars to replicate his full belief that they are indeed praise-worthy for their excellence in many aspects.

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