IT literacy program for PLM officials

26 November 2009

As part of the continuing benefits of the partnership with SMART Philippines, it sponsored an IT literacy training for the heads of offices at GA 201 Seminar Room. As a policy direction of the University and in support of the advocacy of the IT Center to infuse technical learnings among internal stakeholders,
this 4-hour seminar-training was spearheaded to enable the leaders of offices and colleges to learn the basics of IT-related and Internet research activities.

In August 2009, on the occasion of the 2009 Faculty Development Seminar, IT Center director Engr. Garry Erwin de Gracia committed to initially implement a basic IT literacy training for the heads of offices and college deans, as a precursor to a wide-ranging deployment involving the rest of the faculty members and staff.

University officials who have undergone the training were very grateful for the new learnings and insights. Dean Felix Aspiras of the Graduate School of Engineering commented: "...(T)hanks for the Computer Literacy training given by SMART and the IT Center. I learned a lot! In retrospect, sayang ang opportunity sa ibang deans at heads of offices na hindi naka-attend. Pls. invite me again in incoming ICT trainings."