CET is Toxic Dance's ultimate dance champ

26 November 2009

Besting all other colleges and reeling from a whopping victory last 19 June's 44th PLM foundation day (Freestyle Dancemania), the College of Engineering & Technology's CET Knightmares ruled the dance floor anew in a back-to-back victory as the grandslam champion of the year.

Toxic Dance is an annual competition which, in the words of President Adel Tamano, "showcases a talent among our scholars that breeds not merely graceful skills and the mastery of the craft. More importantly, it engenders amity and understanding between and among our fellows -- which is the highest form of humanity’s core values."

On this year's theme, "Toxic Dancing ’09: Evolution," President Tamano says: "Close as it is to the hearts of Filipinos, the art of dancing brings endless marvel to our mundane lives. This craft never ceases to evolve through time as new steps and new forms are creatively conceived to one’s delight. To be sure, it is one language that people of diverse cultures and origins can freely communicate and relate with. Indeed, dancing breaks through the constraints of communication barriers."

The College of Management & Entrepreneurship's CME Extremes sets at 2nd place, while the College of Tourism, Hotel & Travel Industry Management's Frontiers placed at 3rd.

Toxic Dance is organized by the Brotherhood of Medical Scholars under the College of Medicine with the end-in-view of harnessing the scholars' non-academic talent of dancing of which PLM has many.