UHS launches "Dugo Mo, Buhay Ko" program

02 December 2009

After an intensive information campaign inside the University, the University Health Services launched a two-year program for voluntary blood donation at the UAC with blood typing and screening activities yesterday. The blood-letting proper today was participated in by the Blood Bank of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center headed by Dr. Elisa B. Valdez and the Manila Health Department District V headed by Dr. David B. Pinto.

A total of 50 persons participated in the blood-letting program. A ready supply of blood in an emergency outfit usually saves a life in critical condition; it has become a necessity to ensure that surgical and intravenous needs are taken care of.

University Physician Dr. Maria Ana B. Mariano said that "the first beneficiary of this program was a scholar who availed of donor cards for a classmate who was then confined for dengue hemorrhagic fever."

In a related development, the UHS also spearheaded the 4-day (09-10 & 11-13 Nov) free screening for Hepa-B covering staff and faculty members. Those who were initially screened and tested negative shall receive the first batch of vaccines for free at the University Clinic in the upcoming year.