COMELEC released official list of Student officers-elect

12 March 2010

After a session of deliberations, the Student COMELEC released the results of the student council elections conducted on 26 February 2010, capping the electoral process that normally begins with a short campaign and ends with a miting de avance prior to the actual casting of votes on election day. The votes casted included those for the Supreme Student Council and the college student councils.

After having been handled by the Ang Partidong TUGON in the current year, the Bukluran Party reclaimed majority of the slots in the Supreme Student Council in the election then-ended, with the post of Auditor clinched by the former. Since the past decade and except during a short interim period where Ayos! Party shot to sudden prominence, only two parties have been gunning for the posts in the annual elections usually conducted in the month of February.

In the official tally and the subsequent results released by the COMELEC, Noliver F. Barrido led the Bukluran Party to victory, assisted by Karl Wilson L. Tan (vice president), Jade Star M. Palanca (secretary), Mark Jethro A. Escamilla (treasurer), and Jose Sledge T. Alvarez (PRO). John Jester How of the Ang Partidong TUGON joined them as auditor.

The results for the college student councils show that the posts are usually won by a landslide victory of a given party, sometimes with only one or two from the other party, thus making a particular college a regular party bailiwick. The Ang Partidong TUGON took home the CAE, CAUP, CME, CMC, and CN; while the Bukluran Party handily secured the CHD, CTHTIM, CS, and the vote-rich CET. The CPT was a split, with the top posts taken by the Bukluran Party and the lower echelon by the Ang Partidong TUGON.

Elections in the professional schools took an interesting course. A new party, the Kapit Kamay, has dominated the CM, while independents fenced off the other parties in CL.

The new student-officers are slated to take their oath of office on 29 March and assume office the following day.

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